June 18, 2022


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Apples and Oranges Arts

Producer/Theatre Company: Apples and Oranges Arts, Writers: Pamela Winslow Kashani, Tim Kashani, Director: Tim Kashani

Production Description:

Apples and Oranges Arts is casting roles for a staged development of “WINTER LIGHTS” premiering at the SHU Community Theatre in Fairfield, CT. Union and non-union actors are encouraged to apply.

NOTE: Actors must be able to provide their own housing / transportation.

STORYLINE: Through a botched science experiment and a bit of magic, a fantastical holiday character appears to a science-minded teen and takes her, her younger brother and her robot friend on a wild, funny and entertaining journey to help her face her fears and gain the confidence she needs to create her dream invention.

Possible in person callback on June 25; rehearsals are no more than 8 days between July 18-30 at the SHU Community Theatre in Fairfield, CT. Minimum of a $250 stipend


LUMINA: 16 to 23 years old, Mixed Ethnicity, Hispanic female. A 16-year-old budding female scientist. Smart as a whip with a sense of humor to match. Soprano with a belt up to D5. Great singer with a Broadway pop sound

MIGUEL: 10 to 12 years old, Mixed Ethnicity, Hispanic male. LUMINA’s spunky and mischievous ten-year-old brother. Deep down we know he loves his sister. Soprano

JEAN LUC: 20 to 50 years old, all ethnicities male. JEAN LUC: LUMINA’s self-created loyal robot friend. Morphs into a toaster when afraid. PUPPETRY SKILLS REQUIRED. Also plays AL: Off-stage voice of Lumina’s dad: caring, jovial – and a little messy. Baritone

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