June 23, 2020

Voice and Speech Support Group for Actors

Is there something about your speech you would like to change? A particular word or sound that you pronounce that you feel insecure about? Do you have an accent you would like to modify? Are you happy with your voice? Perhaps you feel comfortable playing characters and performing, but you want to sound more polished when speaking with industry professionals and/or giving interviews.
Speech-Language Pathologist, Hilary Weissberg, MS, CCC-SLP, will work with each participant individually within this virtual group setting to explore speech difficulties/differences and offer solutions on how to make desired changes.  Hilary is aware that one’s voice and speech can be a sensitive subjective for many, and the topic can bring up raw emotions. For this reason she is available for individual consultations as well.
Workshop Date: Monday, June 29th
Time: 6 p.m.
Cost: Free!!!!!
RSVP: email to reserve your spot!
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