August 12, 2020

VIRTUAL Playwrights on Park

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Playhouse on Park is producing a new play reading in partnership with West Hartford Community Interactive (WHCi) as part of the Playwrights on Park series.


Sunday, August 16th at 7pm.

FREE and open to the public! (Donations to Playhouse on Park and/or WHCi are encouraged.)

Join live via a Zoom webinar. Advanced registration required. Click here to register:

Afterwards, there will be a talkback with the playwright and the opportunity to complete a response form. 

ABOUT THE PLAY: Owen meets Lucy, they fall in love, they break up, they rewind and start all over. And over and over and over. A couple, forced to endlessly re-live their romance from beginning to end, wonders if the fate of their relationship is inevitable. They decide to go back and try it all again, this time without the lies or the fear. Could the truth make a difference? Could it release them both from their purgatory?

If you miss it, you can watch it later on WHCi’s YouTube channel here: Consider subscribing for future updates. 

About The Playwright: Mackenzie McBride is a Brooklyn based playwright and poet. Her plays, which include: The Telling and Re-Telling of Lucy and Owen, A Lovely Damaged Quality, Anxiety Play, Sad Words, and Bitten, have been produced by ESPA at Primary Stages, Taksu Theatre Company, Durango Arts Center, and Typed Out Productions. Her work has been featured in the readings series at Playdate at Pete’s, Playhouse on Park, and The New York Indie One-Minute Play Festival. Mackenzie is an alumna of Marble House Project’s artist in residency program and a graduate of Florida State University’s School of Theatre. Currently, Mackenzie is an MSW candidate at Hunter College, getting her degree in social work; she hopes to merge her love of writing with her passion for advocacy and social justice.

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