October 13, 2021


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FALSE POSITIVE(s) is a feature-length independent movie going to be shot throughout Connecticut. It is a romantic dramedy taking place in college with mostly graduate students. The casting process will begin with video auditions (submit through November 15th) & in-person auditions at an as of yet unspecified location with the first on Tuesday and Thursday of next week. It will be unpaid, but food will be provided during filming as well as full credits in the film. Filming schedule is also intended to be very flexible so most other commitments shouldn’t be an issue, most scenes also take place with only 2-4 characters.


Currently Casting for:

PROFESSOR WHITLOCK – any gender, any race, 60 or older – Perhaps the most important character of the film, their scenes pave the way for the plot and the redemption of the characters at the end. Wise & wisecracking, Whitlock- who used to work for the government in some secret capacity- always has a secret behind the twinkle in their eye and a wise remark for someone in need.

STEVE – mid-20 male, any race – absolute nerd, but a cute one & knows how to talk to the ladies, if not well- good enough. He knows everything there is to know about computer science but not interpersonal relationships, especially as he gets deeper into them. When we meet him he’s in a relationship with PRAGMA, though his first scene is flirting with another girl. He is essentially the male lead though this is basically an ensemble type film, and his growth as a human is an essential factor in the story.

PRAGMA – same age as STEVE (mid 20s), female, Non-White/Mediterranean – Selfless girlfriend who has let herself be treated much worse than she deserves by Steve, who as it turns out, is kind of good at gaslighting her. She has moments of big emotion, however these outbursts are all absolutely justified. While just as smart, on paper, as every other character in the film, she is one of just a few who isn’t obsessed with their work and is rather in it for career opportunities rather than passion for her degree. Unlike many other characters in the film, she is a good person when we meet her and doesn’t undergo too much change, but she is the emotional core of the film.

CASSANDRA – mid-20s, a year or two younger than STEVE, female, any race- Really the female lead, though this is something of an ensemble film: she is a bad person in the first Act. Not only does she cheat on her fiancee (of 3 years mind you), she may or may not be the reason he’s fired. With a tendency to avoid her problems and shut down in emotionally troubling situations, leading to these large bursts of impulsivity & anger. She does, on the other hand, have an amazing personality and makes most everyone laugh & smile- just when she feels like it. Her growth as a character is the central plot of the film.

(Professor) DOMINICK PECHMAN – early 30s male, any race – Boyfriend (becomes fiancee in the first Act) of CASSANDRA, their relationship is complicated, not in the least because she has just enrolled at the graduate school he has only been teaching at for a year and a half. He’s a good guy with a big heart, but is stuck in his ways and stubborn as all hell. His friendships with PROF. WHITLOCK and PAX ground his character after the trauma brought about by Cassandra’s actions and his bad decisions.

PAX – any race, gender, mid-20s (about same age as Steve give or take a year)- stoner and all around chill person, friend to all & a source of consistent comedic relief as well as a very good match for some of the ladies in the film.

FINN – any race, gender, 19-23 innocent, and naive Finn is the only non-graduate student or professor to have a significant role in the movie. Her crush on Steve is a cute and developing one throughout the film while her intellect means Steve uses her for his own gain.

PROFESSOR DAVIS – male, white 40 years or older – the head of the department, a hardass. Only has a few scenes, but they are FUN, trust me.

Other characters will be cast later.

Currently confirmed & booked filming locations include, but are not limited to:

Tunxis Community College

Manchester Community College

A Restaurant called Hidden Still

University of Hartford

Hartford Library

Wadsworth Museum

and more


Please contact to receive sides.


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