August 2, 2019

Town Players of Newtown Holds Auditions for Columbo Mystery

Upcoming Auditions:
Sunday, September 8th &
Monday, September 9th @7:00 pm

Town Players of Newtown will be holding auditions for Prescription: Murder, A Columbo Mystery. Providing the inspiration for the TV series Columbo, the theatrical predecessor Prescription: Murder tells the story of a brilliant psychiatrist and his mistress who hatch a plot to murder his neurotic, possessive wife. The execution of their plan and the creation of their perfect alibi depends on a bizarre impersonation. Lieutenant Columbo enters the picture in his deceptively bumbling way to match wits with the criminal in a classic game of cat-and-mouse.The play was written by William Link & Richard Levinson. Directed by Michele Leigh.
Auditions will be held at the Little Theater located at 18 Orchard Hill Road, Newtown, CT, 06470
Please email the Director, Michele Leigh with any questions:
  • Table Read: Wed, 9/11
  • Rehearsals: Tue, Wed & Thur evenings, 9/17 through 11/7
  • Tech Week: Sun, 11/10 through Thur, 11/14
  • Showdates: 11/15, 11/16, 11/22, 11/23, 11/24, 11/29, 11/30, 12/1, 12/5, 12/6 and 12/7

The play is set in May 1960’s – New York City – The cast calls for 4 men and 3 women

  • DR. ROY FLEMMING – a polished, urbane New York psychiatrist in his forties. Highly civilized, pragmatic, with a cold, functioning intelligence. He wears conservative, artfully tailored suits.
  • LIEUTENANT COLUMBO – a rumpled police official of indeterminate age. He seems to be bumbling and vague, with an overly apologetic, almost deferential manner. This masks an innate shrewdness, and foxy knowledge of human nature.
  • SUSAN HUDSON – Young and extremely attractive, with a hint of latent sensuality. She is not particularly complicated, but as the play progresses she shows the burden of the increasing tension.
  • MISS PETRIE – a pleasant, efficient woman in her fifties with a genuine liking for people.
  • CLAIRE FLEMMING – a brittle, sardonic product of New York’s East side. She is in her early forties and shows the strain of a loveless marriage.
  • DAVE GORDON – a smooth, boyish lawyer with his eye on a political future.
  • DELIVERY BOY – Walk on part.

To download audition scenes, visit our website:

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