January 26, 2014

TONIGHT! SUNDAY SPOTLIGHT with Richard Sabellico: presented by The New Paradigm Theatre Company



TONIGHT, January 26th, at 8PM, New Paradigm Theatre will offer a FREE Virtual Master Class with acclaimed NYC director Richard Sabellico. A Broadway performer as well as a NY and Regional theatre director, this busy man sees thousands of auditions every year and will give you his audition therapy advice, as well as the straight stuff about auditioning in NYC.

Tune in to ask him your in-depth questions and to learn how to pound the pavement in the most effective way. Sign up now with this link, and then look out for our confirmation email!



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New Paradigm Theatre Company: a professional non-profit using the power of theatre to develop leaders, assist other non-profits, and promote local businesses.

As a professional theatre organization, we feature Broadway, Film, and TV pros in on-location performances. Being located “virtually” (without a permanent physical home) has allowed us to extend our reach beyond just one community or town. Our combination of traditional theatre and multi-media extends the usual theatrical experience to involve business and nonprofit partners in original and exciting ways, while including mentoring opportunities with our Teen Youth Board, College Interns, Adults, and Seniors.

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