May 1, 2020

Theater Director/Artist for Maine Summer Camp!

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Camp Med-O-Lark located in Washington, Maine is one of New Englands premier fine arts summer camps. Our campers have the ability to chose their daily schedule focusing on performing arts, fine arts, sports, waterfront all located on our beautiful lake. We are built upon the foundation of diversity, inclusion, and kindness to our entire community. Since 1946, Medolark has left it’s imprint all over the world. Forging friendships and community lasting a lifetime. This summer, we are looking to provide something even more memorable not only for our campers but for our staff. More than ever, we need a time to create, enjoy the outdoors, and have fun. One of the most exciting program areas we have on location is our Theater program. We are looking for some totally rad, fun, and energetic people to come on board and be part of something special this year. If that’s you, grab some popcorn, a drink, and read on!


If you enjoy, do, have seen, know someone, or know who Patti LuPone is, then you’re already ahead of the game:

  • Enjoy working with children ages 8-17.
  • Have worked as a theater artist. (school-aged preferable but not necessary) 
  • Handle change, organization, and can stay task orientated.
  • Are not phased by 60+ theater campers singing “Dear Evan Hansen” or “Hamilton” all summer.
  • Enjoy the woods. (Maine has a lot of these) 
  • You have enough performance experience to share your talents and knowledge with campers. 
  • See potential in all campers. We do not cut children from productions. We look for reasons to showcase everyone. 
  • Enjoy working hands on and closely with fellow like-minded theater folk. (Who doesn’t want to argue if “The Prom” or “Be More Chill” is better.)

In all seriousness, we are a fun, laid back, but hardworking program. Part of the magic we create for our campers is “all hands on deck.” Campers want to help paint the set, find props, build when they can. It’s how we make connections and a memorable time for all. The most important part is being a great role-model for our campers.

If you’ve read this far and you think you’re interested in learning about who we are and better yet let us know who you are, reach out!

Even more curious about what it all looks like: Check this out!

Contact: Matt Durland, Program Director

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