December 9, 2020

Theater Barn Gets Rave Reviews for A Christmas Carol and Covid Safety Measures

Bringing live theater back to the community has not been easy and the Ridgefield Theater Barn, which has a Covid-19 Certified Compliance Officer on their staff, has gone to great measures to do it right. Based on the reviews from both patrons and critics, they’ve succeeded.

Following opening weekend, Pamme Jones, the Executive Director, began receiving emails very similar to the following from Peter Furfaro, “The performance was flawless as well as how the event was managed from a safety perspective. I can only imagine how difficult it was to comply with all the restrictions.  Thanks to everyone at Ridgefield Theater Barn for bringing my family together for a perfect night.”

Reviewers were equally impressed. Beth Young of the Newtown Bee proclaimed it “a heartwarming and hopeful evening at the theater,” adding, “The choice of this play, its actor, and crew were perfect in this time. The audience was carefully distanced, the space fully ventilated and cleaned. All safety measures are in place, providing a venue to relax and enjoy this exceptional performance of a familiar and comforting Christmas tradition.”

With the exception of an outdoor fall workshop for the kids, the theater has been dark for eight months and there was uncertainty as to when they might be able to open their doors again. After such a long hiatus many regular patrons feel similarly to Nancy Sasso Janis who wrote in the Patch, “I cannot begin to explain how wonderful it felt to sit in a darkened theater watching a live performance again.” Making the presentation of this show all the more poignant is the knowledge that it may be months before the theater can mount another such live show.

For those not yet ready to venture out, the theater has also filmed a multi-camera version of the show, which can be purchased for in-home viewing. The magic apparently translates via the small screen, with one virtual patron posting on social media that she gave a standing ovation in her living room. The show runs Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, with Sunday matinees, through December 20th. For more information or to make reservations (which are required due to Covid-related protocols) visit their website,

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