August 30, 2012

The Rebuilding Continues…

CTCallboard Logo

As you can see, the Connecticut Callboard Website is getting rebuilt.  We are upgrading to new site, based on the excellent, well supported and stable, WordPress blogging platform.  While I’ve been planning to do this for a little while now, the recent server kablooey forced my hand.  This new site will be undergoing some tweaks and adjustments as I shake the bugs out, and add features.  Overall though, you should be able to use the system as is.  To find out what the good new/bad news situation is,

The Good News

  • All new, simplified Event Listings!
  • You can register with your favorite Social Media credentials!
  • There is a new Directory for Theatrical professionals who want to get their name out there!
  • The Theaters Seeking Stuff listings use a Classified Ads format!
  • Listings for Jobs and Gigs are now separate from Event Listings!

The Bad News

  • Old Registrations could not be ported to the new website, you need to re-register if you want to add event listings or add yourself to the Directory!
  • I use too many exclamation points!!!
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