September 7, 2012

Still Working Out The Kinks

CTCallboard Logo

First off, I want to express my great appreciation for everyone who has embraced the new platform and layout for The Connecticut Callboard.  Being the second rebuild in as many years, I am impressed with and in awe of your ability to roll with the changes.  It’s been a challenging thing to rebuild an entire website following our server crash, but I think we’re over the biggest hurdles, and on our way to making it work to suit the needs of everyone concerned.

There are still some things remaining to be worked out, or that do not always function exactly as promised, but I’m fairly certain these are configuration issues, and most of them can be worked out.  There will be some graphic improvements in the near future, but I wanted to make sure the structure of the site was stable before I start making it really pretty.

  • Some people are able to log in, but have difficulty adding new posts from their dashboard.  If you are one of them, PLEASE let me know, I can fix this for you.
  • The roles/permissions for users is still a little murky for me in how it all works, so until I get that sorted, you may find yourself not able to do things for which you should have permission.  Again, please alert me so I can make it right!
  • If you encounter any bugs, please let me know.  I have integrated a trouble-ticketing system in the website so you can alert me to problems, and follow the progress of the resolution. Go there by clicking “Support” on the menu above.

Also, many thanks to those who wrote to express condolences on the recent loss of my 14 year-old nephew, the family deeply appreciates your thoughts and prayers.

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