February 7, 2019

Student Film Project

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Hello! My name is Heather Napier and I am a communications student at Manchester Community College. This semester I have my independent project and as apart of that I am to be producing my own short student film.

What I plan to do with this project is to look at how one feels when having a crush on someone but with a slightly avant garde touch.

Therefore, I have 3 roles to fill. I’m looking for college aged young adults… Or people who can pass for college aged young adults.

Role 1: Logan — “The Dork”

Characteristics to note:
Awkward, Honest, lightly Depressed, and a little Nerdy.

Role 2: Mia — “Miss Cool Girl”

Characteristics to note:
Passionate, Spontaneous, Outgoing, Spunky.

Role 3: Rebecca — “The Best Friend”

Characteristics to note:
Protective, Smart, Dedicated, Strong-willed.

To audition:
Please email me at with:

  • You’re Height
  • Head shot
  • A video of you preforming a monologue of your choice suited for the character you wish to audition for.

Please state your name and character you are auditioning for at the start of your video.

Resumes and reels are welcome but at this point are optional.

Additionally, I will welcome auditions for characters from the opposite gender. I have no problem changing a character’s gender for the right person for the role.

I am looking to have auditions in by the 14th so I can review them to either have callbacks or start scheduling shooting days with the cast.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at the email listed above.

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