July 13, 2020

She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms


She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms

Produced by

Backyard Theater Ensemble


Monarch Theatrical


This production is a unique theatrical experience reworked for the socially distanced era. Utilizing video conferencing and streaming tools, She Kills Monster: Virtual Realms will bring the theatrical experience directly to the audience.


Participation in this production will require access to a video recording device and strong, reliable internet connection as well as a creative attitude and willingness to explore technical production aspects under guidance. This production leaves behind the “zoom conference” style for a more polished, choreographed, finished product. 


She Kills Monsters tells the story of Agnes Evans as she leaves her childhood home in Ohio following the death of her teenage sister, Tilly. When Agnes finds Tilly’s Dungeons & Dragons notebook, however, she stumbles into a journey of discovery and action-packed adventure in the imaginary world that was Tilly’s refuge. In this high-octane dramatic comedy laden with homicidal fairies, nasty ogres, and 90s pop culture, acclaimed young playwright Qui Nguyen offers a heart-pounding homage to the geek and warrior within us all.


Auditions via Skype call:

Thursday, July 16th 7p

Saturday, July 18th 12p

Email to register for an audition slot. 
Auditions will consist of sides provided upon registration.

If you are unable to attend auditions – prerecorded monologues will be accepted for consideration before end of day Saturday, July 18th. 

Rehearsals will begin week of July 20th. Rehearsal process will last 4 weeks. 


Production Date: 

Friday, August 21st 8p

Production will stream to audiences for an additional 4 days after the live performance date. 


Character Breakdowns (Doubling may occur):


NARRATOR: Lord of the Rings-style hooded figure (think Cate Blanchett). Describes the events going on in the story and gives background on characters. 


TILLY: a queer, fantasy-loving, nerdy, teenage girl obsessed with Dungeons & Dragons. Her D&D name is Tillius the Paladin. 


AGNES: Tilly’s older “average” sister, embarks on a D&D adventure written by Tilly.


CHUCK: D&D Dungeon Master and comic book store employee. Tilly’s friend. Agnes’s guide into Tilly’s world. 


VERA: Agnes’ friend and confidante. She is supportive of Agnes, but does not approve of Miles.


MILES: Agnes’s boyfriend. He appears in the game as a shapeshifting “gelatenous blob” that Agnes must kill.


KALIOPE / KELLY: Dark Elf, master tracker, lock-pick, supermodel and incredibly strong. Kelly is Tilly’s high school friend, and Ronnie’s sister.


LILITH / LILLY: A Demon Queen that resembles a leather-clad dominatrix and  Tilly’s girlfriend in the game. Lilly is Tilly’s high school friend, who was Tilly’s first kiss.


ORCUS / RONNIE: Demon Overlord of the Underworld, more lazy than evil, obsessed with watching television. Ronnie is one of Tilly’s high school friends, Kelly’s brother.


THE GREAT MAGE STEVE: A D&D adventurer who dies multiple times in humorous ways. One of Tilly’s classmates.


FARRAH THE FAERIE: A violent, homicidal, brash fairy fighter. One of the bosses Agnes and her party must face before they can reach the final boss.


EVIL TINA & EVIL GABBI: Evil succubus cheerleaders, based on Tilly’s bullies. 


* *Additional roles of Kobalds, Bugbears, Tiamat the Dragon -and various other D&D monsters may be required

Artwork by Evan Seide

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