December 25, 2022

Seeking full cast for ALL SHOOK UP!

Director/Choreographer: Brighton Horan (they/them)
Music Director: Miles Messier (he/him)
Writers: Joe DiPietro (he/him)
Rehearses: Weekday evenings & Saturdays First Performance: 2/10/2023 Second Performance: 2/11/2023 (2:00pm) Final Performance: 2/11/2023 (7:30 pm)

Audition Form:

Audition Scheduler:

Please prepare one 32-bar cut (Approx. 30-60 seconds) of a song from the show.

We are seeking passionate, caring individuals who can work together as an ensemble.
Performers of any and all gender identities as well as any and all ethnicities are encouraged to
audition. We are especially interested in creating opportunities for trans and gender-nonconforming performers as well as Black, Indigenous, performers of color and nonwhite performers of color.

Production is open to ages 14-24. Auditions December 28th, callbacks December 30th at Trinity-on-Main (Stockman Hall) in New Britain. Performances at Nelson Hall in Cheshire. A tentative rehearsal calendar is available on our website. If cast, a tuition fee of $200 will be charged. This covers a script/score, costuming, and other production costs.

PLEASE NOTE that the gender pronouns listed within character descriptions do not limit our casting decisions, they only indicate what pronouns the character is referred to by and pronouns the actor should feel comfortable being referred to by within the context of the show.

For more information as well as the link to the audition form, please visit


NATALIE. She/Her. Early 20s. A mechanic. Mezzo belter.

CHAD. He/Him. 20s. A great-lookin’, motorcycling, guitar-playing, leather-jacketed roustabout. Tenor.

JIM. He/Him. Mid 40s-50s. Natalie’s widowed father. Tenor/Baritenor.

SYLVIA. She/Her. Mid 40s-50s. The no-nonsense, African-American owner of SYLVIA’S HONKY-TONK. Mezzo/Alto.

LORRAINE. She/Her. Sylvia’s 16 year-old daughter. Mezzo belter.

DENNIS. He/Him. Early 20s. A young, awkward, aspiring dentist. Tenor.

MISS SANDRA. She/Her. 20s-30s. The beautiful, intellectual caretaker of the town’s museum. Mezzo belter.

MAYOR MATILDA. She/Her. Mid 40s-50s. The town’s conservative mayor. Mezzo belter.

DEAN. He/Him. Matilda’s 16 year-old son. He has grown up at a military boarding school. Tenor.

SHERIFF EARL. He/Him. Mid 40s-50s. The law in town. A man of not many words. Baritenor.

CHORUS. All genders. All ages. All races/ethnicities. All vocal ranges.

Digital submissions are acceptable on a case-by-case basis. Please email with inquiries.