June 6, 2022

Assistant Stage Manager Wanted

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Shakesperience Productions is looking for an equity/Non-Equity Assistant Stage Manager to work in our production of a midsummer nights dream.

Start date is July 11th, 2022
Rehearsal dates for actors are July18th-August 2nd 2022
Performance dates are august 3rd-7th 2022

Rehearsals from July18th-July29th will be located at the studio on 117 bank street in Waterbury, CT
Tech rehearsals (Aug 1-2) and performances will be located at the river walk pavilion in Washington Depot, CT

Stage manager Duties include:

• Shall be responsible for the calling of all rehearsals, whether before or after opening.

• Shall assemble and maintain the Prompt Book which is defined as the accurate playing text and stage business, together with such cue sheets, plots, daily records, etc., as are necessary for the actual technical and artistic operation of the production.
• Shall work with the Director and the heads of all other departments, during rehearsal and after opening, schedule rehearsal and outside calls in accordance with Equity regulations.
• Assume active responsibility for the form and discipline of rehearsal and performance, and be the executive instrument on the technical running of each performance.
• Maintain the artistic intentions of the Director and the Producer after opening, to the best of his/her ability, including calling correctional rehearsals of the company when necessary and preparation of the Understudies, Replacements, Extras and Supers, when and if the Director and/or Producer declines this prerogative. Therefore, if an Actor finds him/herself unable to satisfactorily work out an artistic difference of opinion with the Stage Manager regarding the intentions of the Director and Producer, the Actor has the option of seeking clarification from the Director or Producer.
• Keep such records as are necessary to advise the Producer on matters of attendance, time health benefits or other matters relating to the rights of Equity members. The Stage Manager and Assistant Stage Managers are prohibited from the making of payrolls or any distribution of salaries.
• Maintain discipline as provided in the Equity Constitution, By-Laws and Rules where required, appealable in every case to Equity.
• Stage Manager duties do not include shifting scenery, running lights or operating the Box Office, etc.
• The Council shall have the power from time to time to define the meaning of the words “Stage manager” and may alter, change or modify the meaning of Stage Manager as hereinabove defined.
• The Stage Manager and Assistant Stage Managers are prohibited from handling contracts, having riders signed or initialed, or any other function which normally comes under the duties of the General Manager or Company Manager.
• The Stage Manager and Assistant Stage Managers are prohibited from participating in the ordering of food for the company.
• The Stage Manager and Assistant Stage Managers are prohibited from signing the closing notice of the company or the individual notice of any Actor’s termination.


Jul 11, 2022 – Aug 7, 2022



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