November 6, 2018

Platt Theatre Presents: Fight Girl Battle World

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Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind theatrical experience that’s truly out of this world! From the master of Geek Theatre, Qui Nguyen (playwright of She Kills Monsters and Vietgone) comes this hilarious and exciting sci-fi epic! Join E-V, the last human female in the galaxy, and her ragtag band of rebels as they take on the evil aliens of the United Galactic Alliance! Thrill and laugh as they encounter robot playwrights, giant tentacle monsters, and more action than you can shake a lightsaber at! See all the excitement, combat, and space battles of your favorite science fiction blockbuster brought to the stage in this interstellar adventure full of puppets, butt kicking, and non-stop jokes that’s absolutely guaranteed to bring out the geek in everyone!

Where: Platt High School- 220 Coe Ave, Meriden, CT

When: November 29th – December 1st at 7 pm

Cost: Adults- $10, Students- $5

For more information or to bu tickets, check out our website:


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