September 30, 2021

Party Princesses & Super Heroes

Kaleidoscope is casting actors as princesses and superheroes for events around CT!

We train you, costume you, and book you on parties so you can make magic!



  • Pay starts at $30/hr with a 1.5hr minimum per event, plus tips/bonuses/travel.
  • We assign you on events in your area
  • We’ll train you and give you all the costumes or supplies you need.
  • Parties are typically 1.5-2.5hrs long and you get about 2 gigs per weekend
  • You’ll get your schedule a week in advanced
  • Work part-time on weekends with flexibility
  • Training takes generally about 9hrs, spread over a few weekends, before you start working
  • We also cross-train in a number of other things (balloons, face paint, temporary tattoos, circus arts, tarot) so you can stay busy and the job stays interesting.


  • Any acting, singing, or childcare experience professionally or for fun.
  • Must be able to submit headshots (selfies ok) and 2 vocal samples.
  • Princesses of any race, ethnicity, and skin tone would be a great addition to our team, but dress sizes 0-12 preferred.
  • MUST have own car and valid driver’s license
  • MUST be fun, out going, professional and love working with children
  • MUST be comfortable working by yourself, have good self-management skills, and full weekend availability
  • MUST be able to pass a background check against any child abuse charges


  • We make sure events are in compliance with local and federal safety
  • We provide clear face shields for all characters
  • We can work with any additional safety concerns and boundaries actors have
  • Actors must be fully vaccinated before they start working on events


  • Auditions and interviews will take place over the next few weekends in West Hartford, CT or via Zoom
  • To be considered, submit any vocal samples, headshots, or portfolios ahead of time



Email [MarissaBlaszkoATgmail] with a resume, any head shots / portfolio work, references, or anything else you’d like to send over!



For prior planning, trainings will take place in both our West Hartford, CT  office (you can pick whichever is closer to you to train at), BUT entertained would be working close to home. (Basically, once you’re trained you have all of your stuff on you at home so you go straight to where ever you’re working that day. The average commute is 30-45min away from home, with travel pay.)

Training takes about 9 hours and is unpaid, but after that you immediately start at $30/hr plus travel pay/tips/bonuses.



I don’t have a car but I have a reliable parent, friend, or can use public transport. That’s fine right? Sorry, this one is REALLY important to us since a lot of our work is out in the suburbs and your ride would have to wait 90min-3hrs for you. It just hasn’t worked out in the past for us.

It says full weekend availability – but what about church, temple, community theatre, or my other job? We’re happy to make exceptions if you have religious services that you attend, but if you do community theatre 4 months out and need those weekends off here (or think you can juggle 2 weekend jobs) it’s not going to be a good fit. Our schedule is a bit tricky, since event work is like that.

How do we get parties? You don’t have to do anything – we have awesome marketing and customer service people in our office. We do all of the office work for you – you just entertain at parties! (But if you’re curious, we have a lot of return customers and are growing through word of mouth, so we really need to hire like 15 people right now to keep up with how many people are looking to hire our awesome artists.)

Do I have to buy anything? How do I get supplies? Nope – you don’t invest any money in anything. (You’d be surprised how many people think this job is too good to be true.) Just come to the trainings to get a handle on the job and when you’re done we hand you all the stuff you need and your log-in to the schedule. It’s really that easy.

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