January 12, 2019

Open Call Auditions for THE SECRET GARDEN and VOWS


Fairfield Center Stage will hold open call audition for performers (singers/actors/dancers) of all ages, type and experience levels on Feb 10 & 11 for a production of the popular family musical THE SECRET GARDEN. Artistic Director/Director: Christy McIntosh-Newsom; Music Director: Clay Zambo; Choreographer: Jessica Rahrig; Executive Producer: Eli Newsom. This audition will also serve as the open call for our presentation of a world premiere musical, VOWS, written by Clay Zambo.

WHERE: Auditions will take place at Fairfield Museum, 370 Beach Rd Fairfield CT 06824 (free parking lot).


Adults: Auditions for adult actors (age 16+) will take place on Sunday Feb 10th from 2:30-4pm (sign in begins 2pm, sign-in ends 3pm), and Monday Feb 11th, from 6:15pm-7pm (sign in begins 5:45pm). Actors will audition in order of arrival, except those who have reserved a timeslot (scroll down this page for info)

Kids: Auditions for younger actors (ages 7-15) will take place on Sunday Feb 10th from 1-2:30pm (sign in begins 12:30pm), and Monday Feb 11th, from 5:30-6:15pm (sign in begins 5pm).  Actors will audition in order of arrival, except those who have reserved a timeslot (scroll down this page for info)

WHAT TO PREPARE: Please bring a headshot (or recent photo) and resume of any stage or performing experience. Please prepare a short selection from a musical in the style of the show (singing from The Secret Garden is ok), around 1 minute in length or less please. Bring sheet music in the correct key, a capella singing (meaning singing without sheet music) is discouraged.

CALLBACKS: Callbacks for The Secret Garden will be held Monday February 11th at 7pm. Auditionees who are asked to attend callbacks may be asked to participate in a movement/dance call. Callbacks for VOWS will be held at a later date by invitation.

REHEARSALS AND PERFORMANCES: THE SECRET GARDEN will rehearse in approximately five weeks, with two weekends of performances. The general rehearsal schedule for THE SECRET GARDEN is weeknights after 6:30pm and Sunday evenings, beginning around April 7th. Performances: May 9th @ 8pm (preview), May 10th @ 7:30pm (opening), May 11th @ 2pm (matinee) and 7pm, May 12th @ 7pm, May 17th @ 7:30pm, May 18th @ 2pm (matinee) and 7pm, and May 19th @ 2pm (closing.)  Rehearsals will take place at a combination of Tomlinson Middle School and Sturges Ridges, and performances will take place at Pequot Library.

VOWS will be presented on April 13th at the Fairfield Museum. Rehearsals will start around March 31st.

For both shows: Seeking singer/actors of all types/ages; full breakdown below. All ethnicities are encouraged to audition. Non-Equity, no pay.

APPOINTMENTS: For convenience we are offering limited appointment time slots. Appointments are not necessary, however they are recommended. Visit to access the audition sign-up form. Please make a note of your appointment time and date as you may not receive a reminder. Audition slots are limited, first-come, first-served. Actors without appointments will be seen as time allows between appointment slots. Those without appointments should allow for 1-2 hours of wait time.


THE SECRET GARDEN: The season will close with the family and literary classic, “The Secret Garden,” presented at the beautiful Pequot Library May 10-19, 2019. The story revolves around young Mary Lennox, who is shuttled to England to live in her Uncle’s secluded and seemingly haunted mansion after her parents die in India. Once she finds the key to a secret garden, Mary begins to peel away the layers of sadness that cover the house and the garden, showing us the power that “one small girl” can have when she “wants things to grow.”

VOWS: Our New Works program shines the spotlight on new original work of some of our own local talent. This season we are proud to present a reading of the brand new musical “Vows” by award-winning composer Clay Zambo, featuring real-life stories of how couples meet.

MARY LENNOX (10-12) Raised in colonial India, Mary is an orphan whose parents have died of cholera. She has no close relatives and has been sent to live with Archibald Craven, her late mother’s sister’s husband. A spoilt child, now bewildered and alone, she is initially petulant and rude, but at heart is a warm girl. Voice type: Mezzo (B-E)



NEVILLE CRAVEN (30-40) Archie’s younger brother, who is resentful of his position as the younger brother. A humourless, bitter man, who, as a doctor, has responsibility for Colin, Archie’s invalid son. Voice type: Baritone (C-F#)

MARTHA (teens-20s) Housemaid. An extremely warm, good-hearted girl, feisty and courageous. Needs a belt vocal quality as well as vocal warmth. Requires Yorkshire accent. Needs to be able to inspire Mary when she is at her lowest. Low mezzo (low F – D)

DICKON (teens-20s) Martha’s younger brother. A mystical lad, very much in tune with the forces of nature. Very sweet-natured and gentle. A music theatre vocal style. Requires a Yorkshire accent. High baritone (C-G)

COLIN CRAVEN (10-12) Archie’s invalid son who is bed-ridden and has no company other than his dour uncle and servants. Capable of being very rude and petulant,but essentially sweet-natured. Boy soprano (A-Eb)

MRS MEDLOCK (35-50) Housekeeper of Misselthwaite Manor. A very competent and business-like woman who is very severe and shows little warmth.

BEN WEATHERSTAFF (45-65) Gardener at Misselthwaite. Loyal servant of many years standing who dearly loved the late Lily. Can be crotchety, but essentially very gentle. Requires Yorkshire accent. Voice type: Baritone (F-D)

MRS WINTHROP/MRS SHELLY (40s-50s)  A school headmistress who believes in strong discipline. (Will double as a servant).

MAJOR SHELLEY (35+) An army officer who escorts the orphaned Mary to England. (Will double as a servant).

The remaining “Dreamers” consist of Mary’s parents, staff and friends in colonial India, all of whom died in a cholera epidemic. They appear as individuals and as a “Greek chorus”, commenting on events for the living,and in flashbacks to their lives in England and India. They are all watching over Mary. Collectively they form the vocal ensemble.

CAPTAIN ALBERT LENNOX (30-40) An army officer, Mary’s father. A warm and loving father. Voice type: Tenor (Bb-G)

ROSE LENNOX (30-35) Mary’s mother, Lily’s sister. Beautiful, vain and spoilt. In life, lacking in maternal qualities. Can be quite petulant – rather a “princess”, but nevertheless very appealing. Sings in a glorious Quartet in Act Two. Voice type: Mezzo / soprano (Bb-G: optional B)

THE FAKIR (20s-40s) Indian mystic / servant. Voice type: High tenor (G-B)

AYAH (20s-40s) Mary’s Indian nanny and main caregiver. Voice type: Mezzo (low G-G)

LIEUTENANT IAN SHAW (25-35) Army officer. Voice type: Tenor / baritone (Bb-F)

LIEUTENANT PETER WRIGHT (20s-40s) Army officer. Voice type: Baritone (Bb-F)

MAJOR HOLMES (30s-50s) Army officer. Voice type: Bass (low F#-F)

CLAIRE HOLMES (30s-40s) Major Holmes’ wife – a well-to-do lady. Voice type: Soprano (A-G)

ALICE (20s-30s) Rose’s friend – a well-to-do lady. Voice type: Soprano (Eb-B)

Additional roles for chorus and children available.

Seeking real-life couples for this new, original musical by Clay Zambo. Please inform us if you are in a relationship with another performer (or one with performing experience) for this musical inspired by real-life stories of how married couples meet. Couples can be hetero, same-sex, domestic/live-in, married, and otherwise!

The cast is comprised of 4 men and 4 women. Each plays multiple roles over the course of the evening: one as part of a couple, the others as supporting characters in another story.

STEVE – 30s, a junior executive and single father; cute and awkward. Baritone

KENNETH – 50ish, an engineer. Ebullient, cheerful. Higher legit baritone

TOM – 50ish, a college administrator. Baritone

TERRY –  50ish, event planner, former actor. Tenor

LAURA – late 20s, a violist working as a grocery clerk. Light mix mezzo

SARA – 40s, a college astronomy professor. Soprano

EVVY – 30s, a preacher. Folksy light soprano

ABBI – 30s, a high school Latin teacher. Feisty as the day is long. Belter


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