March 1, 2019

Open Auditions for Into The Woods at Connecticut Theatre Company

What: Open auditions for Into The Woods, Book by James Lapine, Music & Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, at Connecticut Theatre Company

When: 3/3/19 & 3/4/19 from 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Where: The Repertory Theatre | 23 Norden Street | New Britain, CT 06051

Run Dates: 5/24/19-6/16/19

Audition Preparation: All roles are open. Looking for a very diverse cast. Actors will be seen in order of arrival. Prepare 16-32 bars of a musical theatre song in the style of the show. Please bring sheet music in your key, your resume and a headshot if you have one. An accompanist will be provided. A call back audition, if needed, will be held on March 6, 6:30 to 8:30pm. Those auditioners who the director wishes to see further will be invited to the call back audition. Age ranges listed are stage ages. Some roles may be doubled. If you have any questions, please email us at

Directed By: Benjamin Silberman & David Nunner

Musical Direction By: Kerri Morris

Character Breakdown:

The Baker – 30’s, Baritone, A2-G4. Wants to protect his family and solve every problem. Finds it difficult to accept help. Focused on the details. Has a strong conscience. Doesn’t see what’s right in front of him. Determined. High-strung. Warm.

The Baker’s Wife – 30’s, Mezzo-Soprano, G3-F5. The caretaker. Used to solving problems and putting her hopes/fears aside. It takes a great deal to rattle her because she sees the bigger picture. Finds joy in taking care of those she loves…usually. Practical, loving, gutsy.

The Witch – 30’s-40’s, Mezzo-Soprano, F3-G5. A diva. Miles smarter than most people, and she sees the world for what it is. She has great power and can change lives in an instant. Desperate to change back into her former self. Has let down her mother and herself, and terrified of doing the same to her child. Tenacious, commanding, passionate.

Jack – 13-24. Tenor, A2-G4, A dreamer. Best friends with a cow and not understanding of why that’s a little strange. He’s being asked to grow up much quicker than he’d like, yet sometimes is still treated like a child. Brave, lonely, gentle.

Jack’s Mother – 30’s-40’s, Mezzo-Soprano, B3-F#5. A single mother. Doesn’t understand her child but loves him and wants to protect him at all costs – which sometimes means she can’t be kind. Funny, out-of-touch, anxious.

Little Red Riding Hood – 13-24, Mezzo-Soprano, B3-F5. Thinks she knows everything. Finds enormous comfort in the cape her grandmother has made her. Always wants to be a part of the action. Self-absorbed, naive, confident.

Cinderella – 20’s, Soprano, G3-G5. Has faced many tragedies, but still believes she can have a loving family. Misses her mother desperately. Hasn’t experienced much of the world beyond her home. Hopeful, idealistic, perseverant.

Cinderella’s Prince – 20’s-30’s, Baritone, Bb2 – Gb4. Always in pursuit, and never satisfied. He knows what the kingdom expects him to be and wears it well, happy to fulfill an image. Charming, insincere, slick.

Cinderella’s Stepmother – 30’s-40’s, Mezzo-Soprano, Bb3-F5. Willing to do anything to set her daughters on the right path – even when it may hurt them in the short term. At best indifferent and at worst malicious to Cinderella. Petty, crafty, purposeful.

Cinderella’s Father – 30’s-40’s Spoken. A remarried widow. Detached from his daughter. This new life is not what he thought it would be for them. Disappointed, absent, plodding.

Florinda – Late teens-20’s, Mezzo-Soprano, C4-E5. Cinderella’s stepsister, the elder. A miniature version of her mother, thinks she is the pit of elegance and that a lovely life is her right. Her life was perfect until Cinderella came along. Petulant, selfish, privileged.

Lucinda – Late teens-20’s, Mezzo-Soprano, C4-D5. Cinderella’s stepsister, the younger. Trying to measure up to the elegance and glamor she sees in her mother and older sister. Her life was perfect until Cinderella came along. Callow, contrived, inelegant.

The Mysterious Man – 40’s-50’s, Baritone G3-E4. Seemingly wise, somehow he knows everything that’s going on, and helps make it happen. Speaks in incomprehensible riddles. Dives in and out of sight. Tricky, manipulative, remorseful.

The Narrator – Any Gender, Any Age, Baritone/Mezzo-Soprano, G2-E4. Telling the audience the story. They may be making it all happen – or just observing it. Curious, intelligent, short-sighted.

Rapunzel – 20’s, Soprano, A3-Bb5. Spent most of her life in a tower with only the Witch for company. Knows little of the world but eager to see it. Socially awkward, desperate, trusting.

Rapunzel’s Prince – 20’s-30’s, Baritone, Db3-Gb4. Like his brother, always in pursuit. Only interested in what’s just out of reach. Charming, inquisitive, indulgent.

The Giant – 30’s-40’s. Spoken Off-Stage. A new widow. Her trust broken by Jack, she is out for revenge. Heartbroken, vengeful, disappointed.

Cinderella’s Mother – 40’s, Soprano, G3-Ab5. A collection of remembered mannerisms and saying. Seen only as a memory. Grants Cinderella’s wish of clothes to attend the ball. Wise, kind, and helpful.

Little Red’s Grandmother – 50’s-60’s+. Spoken. A tough old broad. Unafraid of the realities of the world – like a hardened farm wife, but still with humor. Intense, straightforward, absurd.

The Wolf – 20’s-30’s, Baritone, B2-Gb4. Convinces Little Red to leave the path, savors the thought of eating her and her grandmother. Delights in the ability to talk to his food – then viciously eat them. Tempting, cunning, wild.

The Steward – 20’s. Spoken. Cinderella’s Prince’s right-hand. Focused on the greater good. Hard-working, insecure, dutiful.

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