September 16, 2018


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Community Theatre at Woodbury, Inc. (CTAW)


The Fun-Filled Family Musical


 Written and Directed By Lois Fiftal

Tuesday Sept. 25, and Wednesday  Sept. 26, 6:30 to 8:00 pm

And Saturday Sept. 29 from 1:00 to 3:00 pm

Park and Rec House, 7 Mountain Road, Woodbury CT

(Next to Historic Old Town Hall)

Shivering Santa is looking for actors of various age levels – – – including teens, young adults, mid-aged adults, and senior citizens.

Those auditioning should bring a song of their choice with piano accompaniment for the singing auditions, although popular Christmas Carols will be available for individuals preferring to use one of them.

Shivering Santa will begin rehearsals on October 16th.  Performances of the show will be from November 29th through December 2nd.

For character descriptions go to  A copy of the script with songs is available at the Woodbury Library.

CTAW is a 501(c) (3) non-profit run entirely by volunters.  The CTAW Publicity Contact is Sherry Swanhall • (203) 263-5613 •


Santa Claus  


Everything you ever heard about or wished for in a real Santa is in place in this show.  Santa is good natured, giving, jolly (when he’s not cold!) and full of adventure.  (He’d HAVE to be to agree to ride in a flying sleigh all night – right?)  A touch of reality also defines Santa. As a senior citizen, he can be easily thrown by changes in the thermostat.  Most important, however, Santa unquestionably loves all of the children of the world!  (One solo)

Mrs. Santa Claus


She is the stabilizing influence that holds the North Pole and Santa together.  She is a caring wife and   a friend to all, but also a no nonsense realist when the need arises. A delightful combination of a classic grandma and a community organizer!

Max McWreath


An enthusiastic and energetic chief operations officer, who likes to keep the wheels running smoothly and takes pride in getting things done efficiently,.  He’s a likable nerd who moves and thinks quickly – J. P, Morgan’s loss…the North Pole’s gain! (Solo on one verse of song) Actor performing in this role could be a young upstart up to a seasoned veteran.

Penelope Pin


A sweet and always helpful member of the North Pole family.  Her life centers on sewing and knitting, and keeping all things tidy and comfortable.  A tad naïve for a grown up, Penelope always sees the best in people, and looks for the silver lining in all that happens around her.

Merry Mistletoe 


Merry has a zest for life, is physically fit, and has a love for singing.  She has a gorgeous singing voice, and is very conscientious in her “day job.”  She has an independent and 21rst century spirit, and is quite comfortable in her position as North Pole Post Mistress.  (major solo)

Dr. Icicle


A Bavarian family doctor with a thick, European accent.  His bedside manner is anything but soothing, and he may be capable of a slight of hand ever now and then.  But Dr. Icicle’s unabashed eccentricity is always sure to keep everyone around him

“in stitches!”  (One solo)

Jack Frost

This is a zany version of the mythical Jack Frost with wild frosty hair and a random, enthusiastic and agreeable nature.  He takes pride in his work as the frost-creating artist from the North Pole.  Impish and energetic.

Holly Berry and Ivy Pine:  

Two industrious, conscientious  and highly creative workers whose job it is to come up with new and innovative toys for Santa to distribute to the children of the world each year (One duet)

Donner, the Reindeer


Although Donner’s   physically the strongest and biggest member of Santa’s reindeer team – he’s also a lovable and well meaning klutz.  His goofy way of expressing himself, his habit of getting his antlers stuck in doorways, and his talent for sniffing out the bad guys, endears him to everyone in Christmas Town!

Bah, Hum and Bug


Three Snow Bugs– the antagonists in the story are mischievous and conniving.  Yet, they reveal a child like quality under all of the bravado, and are ever so cute and comical!  (One song sung as a trio)(NOTE: Yes, there really ARE critters called “Snow Bugs” that can be found in the Arctic ecosystem.


Choristers:   -(Optional) –  non speaking parts – any number of extra singers/dancers who dress as townspeople from the North Pole, and who join in on the main production numbers and the beginning and end of the show:  “Let’s Get This Show On the Road, “   “Winter Time Blues” “Get Along” and “So Much To Celebrate”.


Two Ballet Dancers – (Optional)   They  perform a ballet dance as the characters of Holly Berry and Ivy Pine sing the duet “First a Girl, Then A Princess.”  One dancer is dressed just like the reversible doll – – – one half a young girl in a nightgown – the other is dressed in a princess gown with tiara.


The Elves – any number


Non speaking parts -Happy and conscientious toy shop workers who are Santa’s biggest fans!  They sing and dance on the opening and closing songs, and are featured in their own number in the middle of the show: “Santa Claus, We Love Ya So Much”






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