October 16, 2018

Open Auditions, Southington: City of Angels

Contact:Kate Luurtsema
Phone: (860) 759-3742
Performance Dates: May 31, June 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 2019
Auditions: Monday, February 25th / Tuesday, February 26th / Wednesday, February 27th @ 7pm and 8pm
Location:The Arts at Angeloria’s, 223 Meriden-Waterbury Turnpike, Southington, CT

The Arts at Angeloria’s will hold auditions for an ambitious jazz musical, City of Angels.

About the Play: City of Angels is the rarest of musical comedies: intricate lyrics filled with puns and crackling rhymes, sizzling music written in the contemporary jazz idiom, and a script that couples sidesplitting comedy with neo-noir intensity. Set in the glamorous, seductive Hollywood of the 40s, the world of film studios and flimsy negligees, the show chronicles the misadventures of Stine, a novelist attempting for the first time to adapt one of his texts to the screen at the behest of movie producer/director, Buddy Fidler. The “script” features Stine’s hard-boiled hero, a private investigator named Stone. The show follows Stine’s screenplay (the “reel” world where he manipulates projected versions of the various women in his life) as well as his “real” world adventures in love and business, culminating in a collision of two worlds. City of Angels features music by Cy Coleman, lyrics by David Zippel and book by Larry Gelbart. The production is directed by Kate Luurtsema with Music Direction by Jim Luurtsema. Show will run May 31, June 1, June 2, June 7, 8, and 9 of 2019, with rehearsals beginning early March.
Casting calls for 6 females (all singing roles) and 10 males (7 singing roles), additional ensemble needed.
Most of the characters play two roles, a “real” version and a character in the movie.

STINE: male, baritone The author of the novel, CITY OF ANGELS, which he is adapting into a film.

STONE: male, baritone An ex-cop turned private detective, the hero of Stine’s novel. The classic hard-boiled detective who is hired to find Mallory Kingsley. Tough, wisecracking and quick-witted. (This role is pre-cast)

BUDDY FIDLER/IRWIN S. IRVING: male, baritone The film producer. He is changing the integrity of the novel. He is married to Carla and having an affair with Avril. The actor playing Buddy also plays Irwin S. Irving in the film. /A movie mogul. Stone catches him with Bobbi.

PANCHO VARGAS/ LIEUTENANT MUNOZ: male, baritone The actor playing Munoz in the film./ Stone’s former partner, now a bitter rival. He believes that Stone repeatedly antagonizes him. His hatred of Stone has a racial element that Buddy Fiddler demands be deleted from the screenplay

JIMMY POWERS: male, tenor A popular singer who appears in both the Hollywood scenes and in the fictional movie scenes. In the real world, Powers is having an affair with Carla.

WERNER KRIEGLER/ LUTHER KINGSLEY: male, spoken The actor playing Luther Kingsley in the film./ Alaura’s husband. Mallory and Peter’s father. He is an old man suffering from polio encased in an iron lung. He dotes on Mallory.

GILBERT/ DR. MANDRIL: male, spoken A barber who also plays Dr. Mandril in the film./ A quack doctor hired by Alaura to care for Luther. He is later killed, seemingly by Peter, but really by Alaura.

GERALD PIERCE/ PETER KINGSLEY: male, spoken The actor playing Peter Kingsley in the film./ Luther’s son and Mallory’s brother. He and Alaura concoct a scheme to kill Luther, Mallory, and Dr Mandrill to take all of the inheritance. He, however, cannot bring himself to kill, and turns on Alaura.

DONNA/ OOLIE: female, mezzo-soprano Buddy’s secretary. She has a brief affair with Stine, which leads to the end of his marriage with Gabby. However, she is far more manipulative than she appears. The actress playing Donna also plays Oolie in the film. /Stone’s loyal Girl Friday. Unrequited, in love with Stone, she goes to great lengths to protect and aid him.

CARLA HAYWOOD / ALAURA KINGSLEY: female, mezzo-soprano Buddy’s wife. She is having an affair with Jimmy Powers. The actress playing Carla also plays Alaura in the film./ A femme fatale trophy wife. She comes to Stone to have him find her missing step-daughter, but, it turns out that this is all a plot for Alaura to kill her step-children to take her soon-to-be late husband’s money. She and Stone have a brief affair. She is shot and killed in a struggle with Stone. (This role is pre-cast)

GABBY/ BOBBI: female, mezzo-soprano Stine’s wife. She is tired of his obsession with work and his unfaithfulness. She loves him, but eventually leaves him when she learns about his affair with Donna. The actress playing Gabby also plays Bobbi in the film./ Stone’s former girlfriend, A nightclub singer based directly on Stine’s wife, Gabby.

AVRIL RAINES/ MALLORY KINGSLEY: female, mezzo-soprano A young Hollywood starlet. She is having an affair with Buddy. The actress playing Avril also plays Mallory in the film./ Alaura’s beautiful, seductive step-daughter, who Stone is hired to find.

ANGEL CITY FOUR: (2F/2M) vocal quartet Jimmy Powers’ back-up singers, a close-harmony quartet who serve as a Greek chorus in the Film world.

Auditioners will be asked to prepare about 32 bars of a Broadway or Big Band-era song in the “jazz standards” style. Songs from the show are acceptable. Please provide piano sheet music with your selection highlighted. Auditioners will also be asked to read from the script. Please come with a list of your expected calendar conflicts. Appointments are suggested, but walk-ins are welcome and will be taken as space allows.Please email audition scheduling or questions to the Director, or call (860) 759-3742. For additional information regarding the theatre, (860) 426-9690,, or visit
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