November 9, 2019

One Hit Wonder Auditions @ Landmark Community Theatre

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Landmark Community Theatre is pleased to announce that it will be holding auditions for their first production of the 2020 season, ONE HIT WONDER, on Sunday November 10th and Tuesday November 12th from 7 pm to 9 pm in the Arts Center Theater, located on Level 2 of the Thomaston Opera House. The production opens February 1st and runs until February 16th with Friday & Saturday evening performances at 8pm and Sunday matinees at 2pm. The show is under the direction of Kate Luurtsema, with music direction by Jim Luurtsema.

No appointments are necessary. Auditioners are seen on a first come first served basis. Auditioners must bring sheet music with them and be prepared to sing 32 bars (about a minute) of a fully memorized musical theater or pop/rock song showcasing the style and vocal range of the character for which they are auditioning. Songs from ONE HIT WONDER are allowed. Additional vocalizing may also be a part of the audition to determine vocal range and harmonizing skills. An accompanist will be provided; no recorded accompaniment is permitted. Minimum age to audition is 16 years old.

Plot Summary: Rick is a rock and roll God! …at least, in his dreams. In reality, he’s a dive bar singer who just got canned from his latest gig. His lone badge of honor: a Battle of the Bands victory fifteen years ago when Rick and his high school girlfriend, Ashley, debuted their original duet, “One Hit Wonder”, and caused a sensation for one magical night. Of course, that’s all a distant memory, since the couple — and the band — broke up. Ashley’s now a high-powered executive in the big city, while Rick still clings to dreams of making it big in music.

When an old video of Rick and Ashley’s Battle of the Bands performance unexpectedly goes viral, pop mega-songstress Mercy Faith invites them to open her world tour. Personalities clash and jealousies rage, as Rick and Ashley are forced to deal with the realities of fame. With their reunited band and rekindled relationship both on the line, will their spark reignite, or will they forever remain a “One Hit Wonder”?

Described as the “Rock of Ages for all ages,” this wildly fun new pop/rock jukebox musical is about music, love and second chances…and it is all set to a soundtrack of the greatest one-hit wonders of all time, including “Take On Me” (a-ha), “Walking on Sunshine” (Katrina & The Waves), “Closing Time” (Semisonic), “You Sexy Thing” (Hot Chocolate), “Tainted Love” (Soft Cell) and many more unforgettable hits.

Character Breakdown (ages are indications for the character only, for specific info on vocal ranges please contact MD:
– RICK (Male – 30s) Sexy, stubble-y, rough-and-tumble, rock-n-roll dreamer playing dive bars still hoping to “make it.” Won’t grow up. Lives on a couch. Pines for Ashley, the girl that got away.
– ASHLEY (Female – 30s) Rick’s ex. A high-powered, extremely focused NYC exec who gave up music (and Rick) for power suits years ago. She craves stability, but you just know she still belts power ballads in the shower.
– GUNNER (Male – 30s) Rick’s surly, grumpy sourpuss bassist and best friend. Expressionless. Opinionated. Cares about music more than you know.
– MERCY FAITH (Male/Female – 20s) Vapid, kittenish, Kardashian-esque former-child-starcum-Pop-Mega-Songstress. Prefers Tweeting to talking. Has a thing for Rick, but she’s far too young for him.
– FIONA (Female – 30s – 40s) Mercy’s kick-ass, British, no-nonsense rock-n-roll manager. Schmoozy. Competitive. A PR whiz.
– STEWART (Male – 40s) Ashley’s safe, adorably square, lovably pragmatic boyfriend, i.e., a man who would actually use the word “pragmatic.” The opposite of Rick in every way.
– SLYVIA JAGGER (Female/Male – 40s – 50s) A saucy and uncouth Rolling Stone reporter of indeterminate age. Former rock-n-roll super-groupie who’s seen it all.
– ENSEMBLE: Bartender, Bar Patrons, Office Workers, Social Media Mavens/Tweeters, Dancers, Roadies, Beautiful People, Fans, Band Members, Girl with Guitar, Larry-The-Owner, and Reynaldo.

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