March 20, 2019

On-Camera Audition Private Class. One on One Ages: 14-up!

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On-Camera Audition Private Class. One on One Ages 14-up!
Most TV and Film casting is done by in-person auditions. Their (taped) recommendations are forwarded to Directors and Producers – only then can you expect callbacks and/or bookings. Actors are expected to be prepared and professional under tough conditions. These distractions can hurt your audition. An uncomfortable environment, audition pressure and nerves.
This class will train you to be on your game and make every audition count. With the right preparation, even if the audition doesn’t work out, you will be remembered for future opportunities.

• The Audition Script will be sent 2 days before the class. They will range from a few lines to a page or two.You will be expected to have it memorized to the best of your ability and prepared to look the part just like a real audition.• We will shoot your audition 2 or 3 times and giving you adjustments. We will review your video and you can incorporate suggestions and refinements in a re-shoot.Cost is $89.00 for a 1 1/2 Class to be scheduled. …..Parent required to attend if under 18.

Email us at or call 203-943-5027

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