December 2, 2017

NOW REGISTERING Shakespeare in the Modern World

New Haven Academy of Performing Arts
Winner ” Best Theatre Class for Aspiring Actor 2017″

SHAKESPEARE IN THE MODERN WORLD STARTS 1/12/18 (Taught by Guest Teacher Jeffrey Thibeault)
AGES 13 to 17 FRIDAYS 5:30 TO 6:45

In this class, students will gain an understanding and appreciation for the contributions that the Bard has made to the history of the theater. With fun games and lively discussion, students will overcome many of the common hurdles to truly understanding Shakespeare’s writing. We will break down the text so that it becomes relevant to the student’s experiences, and also delve into the wit and imagery that is ever-present. Students will have the opportunity to put the knowledge gained through these exercises into practice with a scene study, in which they will select a short scene from Shakespeare’s works to bring to life. Through this process they will gain experience in fully developing a character, understanding context and motivation, interacting with a scene partner, and expanding their ability to both give and take direction.
Total $180 +$50 Registration (6 week session)

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