October 19, 2020

Northern Shade – Feature Film Casting

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My name is Julianne Gabert and I am providing additional casting for an upcoming non-union feature film, shooting in Connecticut, called Northern Shade. Production takes place Nov 6-23 in Branford, New Haven, and Voluntown, CT areas.

I wanted to pass along the breakdown below, in case you are able to share it with any applicable talent.

Northern Shade
Director: Christopher Rucinski
Casting Director: Julianne Gabert
Status: Non-Union
Rate: $125/per day
Location: Branford, New Haven, and Voluntown, CT
Shoot dates: November 6th-23rd
Logline: A disaffected veteran is lured out of isolation when his younger brother is recruited by a violent militia.
If you are a match, please email me ASAP at with a headshot, resume and links to demo reels.

FRANKIE – Female, 30’s-40’s, Open Ethnicity, Rate $125 per day.
Army vet. After returning home from Afghanistan, Frankie became a sheriff deputy in her small hometown. She had a falling out with the Sheriff over department policy and is now a PI investigating missing persons in the area. Her wife Mary lives with chronic pain and it takes an emotional toll on Frankie. She’s seen some shit, but she has a heart of gold and maintains a witty spark. Frankie becomes an ally to the protagonist Justin in his search for his missing younger brother. Please note any real-life military background and/or fire arms training.
BILLY – Male, 40’s-50’s – Caucasian – Rate $125 per day.
A disaffected military vet with a disdain for bureaucracy and law enforcement. He sees himself as a natural leader. He has an innate ability to find someone’s vulnerability and speak to it. Highly manipulative and cunning. (seeking Willem Dafoe, Ben Mendelsohn type). Please make note of any real-life firearms training.
POLICE CHIEF DANIEL TILL – Male, 40’s-early 60’s, Caucasian – Rate $125 per day.
Born and raised in rural Connecticut, went to the local high school, community college, started his career as a patrol officer and rose the ranks. As a result, he knows pretty much everyone in town. One thorn in is his side, though, is the local PI, Frankie, who used to be on his force. They have a different idea of how law enforcement should act. The way Dan sees it, there’s a reason things are done the way they are, and the book is usually right. Please note any real-life military background and/or firearms training.
MARY – Female, 30’s, open ethnicity – Rate $125/per day.
Mary has had chronic back pain for years and tried everything from opioids to controversial snail venom surgery. She tries hard not to let her pain distract her wife Frankie from her day job, but sometimes it’s too much.

Thank you so much for your time, if you know of anyone, please feel free to have them email me.

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