November 9, 2022

Next Stop NY Acting WINTER ADULT CLASS Starts 1/6-1/10 2023

Due to the audition / interview process it is advised to set up your audition as soon as you have a monologue ready to perform. All new students need to complete their audition / Interview and be signed up at least 2 weeks before the Winter session begins, 1/6/23   1/10/23.

Next Stop NY! Acting for TV & Film  in Connecticut.

Acting Classes seats 6 feet apart for social distancing! All Students must be vaccinated to attend.

Our  Winter Acting session Starts Friday January 6th and 10th for  11 weeks

Call to Schedule an Interview! All New Students need to

Next Stop NY! Acting for TV & Film was created for those who have a desire and commitment to learn the craft of acting. We interview and audition all of our potential new actors. You can prepare and perform a monologue for your audition. You also may be asked to do a improv to work your imagination.

We like to meet all new actors. We are very selective in accepting new actors into our program. Everyone is not accepted! If you would like to set up an interview / audition contact us at or call  203- 943- 5027.  If you are under the age of 18 please have your parent call and contact us! You will then be contacted to schedule an interview. Thank you

New Actors are only allowed to start at the beginning of each session. Jan-April-July-Sept so schedule your interview today! ASAP

Today’s Technique for Today’s Actor a simple way of working which is required in today’s fast paced New York and Hollywood Entertainment Industry 

“Professional Acting classes in Connecticut” for  Teen ( 13-19 ) Adults ( 20-Up ) Next Stop NY! Acting Classes for TV, Film & Stage in Connecticut offers an easy and fun way to learn acting. Our students have worked in TV, Film & Broadway and are working with some of NYC & LA Top Talent Agents! Next Stop NY ! Acting for TV, Film & Stage. .

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