December 5, 2018

Self Tape Audition Service in Fairfield Connecticut for Connecticut Actors

Self Taped Audition Service Available!

As an acting coach with 15 years of experience, and students who have worked in TV, Film. Gary can shoot your audition quicker, easier, and more affordable.  Please call or email for availability!

Self-taping is becoming more frequent. Actors will be expected to self-tape their auditions. We will tape the required scenes.  You will choose the best takes! We will trim them, and put a title if needed. Gary will send an MP4 to you at your request. This New Service from Actors Access is called ECO-CAST. It is being used by Agents, Casting Directors, Actors Access, NY Casting & other actor web sites.

You can provide a reader!  “or Gary will read with you!” Our Acting School is conveniently located in Fairfield Connecticut close to all major highways.

Shoot, Edit & Submits:You get (1) hour of total time to shoot your scenes! You will then choose the best takes!  We will trim them, and put a title if needed. Gary will then email a MP4 to you, your agent or casting director at your request. Total shooting time 1 hour. all session are timed! Additional time One dollar per minute after 60 minutes

The cost is $75.00 for this hour service. You always get the sides in advance. I recommend that your lines be memorized so you can spend more time acting and reacting than looking down at the script. Self-taping is about the acting. Some ambient noise may be on final product! Self-taping your audition with a  professional acting coach will save Connecticut actors and actresses’ time and money. You will save the cost of the train, subway, taxis, hours of time traveling to the city and missed work or school”. ”  Coaching or extra shooting time is available for additional cost”



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