February 9, 2020

Narrative Feature seeking Supporting Roles

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Narrative feature looking for supporting actors in the Fairfield County area!

My name is Connor Einarsen, I’m a Westport native and Staples High School graduate. My brother and I are putting together a narrative feature film and are looking for actors for supporting characters to round out the cast.

Project info:

Title: The Goodbye Tour

Length: ~105 mins

Logline: A girl discovers she’s dying and visits a number of old friends in order to confront a devastating mistake from her past.

Shoot dates: Weekends April 18-June 14

Time commitment: 2 days shooting, one or two days rehearsal

Reimbursement: Unpaid, food will be provided

Auditions: Self-tape

If you’re interested in joining us for this filmmaking adventure, please email with which role(s) you’re interested in. We’ll send sides!

Thank you so much for reading this. You can learn more about the project at


Grandma Mabel – Supporting. 80s or 90s. American, caucasian. A spitfire in her youth, she is now wise and peaceful and isn’t afraid to pull peoples’ legs if they’re being too serious. Mostly engages with her grandson, Georgie

Hank Myers – Supporting. 50s. American Caucasian. A rock. Calm, strong, quietly proud. Lets things pass by rather than confront them head on. Loves unconditionally. Has been writing his daughter Carly since she came out and moved away, trying to work out a time she can come back and visit.

Monique Myers – Supporting. 50s. American Caucasian. Intelligent, sharp, dry sense of humor. Had a traumatic experience in her childhood involving a gay neighbor that has made her adamant her daughter can’t be gay. Hasn’t spoken to Carly since Carly came out to her and Hank about six years ago.

Jake Hasterlik – Supporting. 17ish. American, any ethnicity. Sharp, intelligent, young and idealistic. Believes he can make the world a better place by becoming a doctor like his parents. Feels he sees a side of June that she doesn’t show everyone.

Taxi man – Supporting. 40s to 60s. An immigrant (not American). His lax attitude has carried him through many hardships, though he has no illusions about the realities of the world. Working in the US to send money to his family.

Stan Wippick – Supporting. 40s to 60s. American, any ethnicity. Nondescript, the kind of person one would expect to be an accountant (no offense to accountants). Only good intentions, trying to share his feeling with his step-son, Other Sean.

Aunt Julie – Supporting. 50s or 60s. American, any ethnicity. Usually a jokester, can step up when something needs to be done. Aunt to Jake.

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