April 12, 2021

MY FAVORITE SCENE; an insider’s perspective

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SATURDAY, APRIL 24th, 8PM EDT, The Connecticut Gilbert & Sullivan Society will be premiering on its YouTube channel an original video entitled My Favorite Scene, an insider’s perspective.

We bring you five scenes from Gilbert and Sullivan shows performed by CG&SS that were selected by some its cast members as a favorite of theirs. There are scenes from:

  • Iolanthe
  • The Gondoliers
  • The Yeomen of the Guard
  • Princess Ida
  • H.M.S. Pinafore

Each scene is introduced by the cast member who chose it, giving you the background for the scene in the show, and sharing with you what is special to them about the scene and their experience performing it for you with their fellow cast members.

Please click to access the video

Be sure to join our watch party on the 24th.

For further information about The Connecticut Gilbert & Sullivan Society please visit:  our web site, our Facebook page, and our YouTube channel

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