September 15, 2019

Mixed Media Mondays

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Have a case of the Mondays? Work overbearing? Wish you had something fun and exciting to let out all the stress? Then join Connecticut Compass Theatre Company for our workshop and performance series. Connecticut Compass instructors have prepared exciting workshops to prepare you for auditions, test your improvisation skills, and get you moving with ever-important movement exercises. Please see below for more info.

Workshop Location: WPAA-TV Studio W, 28 Orchard St. Wallingford CT 06492


September 23rd Mask and Movement: As an actor, nonverbal communication is critical, especially when performing for a large audience. Sometimes you need to communicate emotions with more than just your face. You also need to express to your fellow actors your needs with your entire body. When you’re wearing a mask, this can prove to be a difficult task. Come join us in learning nonverbal communication and some of the wonderful mystery behind using a mask for communication on stage.

October 14th Improv Workshop: Join us for an evening of Improv Games. Play Whose Line is it Anyway style improv games and learn some fundamentals of Improv. If you want to continue the fun, we will also be having an Improv Show that Saturday. More details below.

October 28th Scary Stories to Tell in A Fairly Well-Lit Studio: Have you ever wondered how many ways a story can go? Join us for Scary Stories of many styles because anything can happen with different voices.

November 11th Mock Auditions: Have auditions coming up? Want to dust off the cobwebs from Halloween? Come in with a prepared monologue and be prepared for sides for these hypothetical audition situations so you go into your next call ready for everything.

November 25th Warm-Up Workshop: In winter months especially, bones and muscles can weaken. Come stay warm with us and learn how to care for your body and voice, the actor’s instruments, whether the weather be cold or whether the weather be hot.

December 2nd Miracle on South Orchard Street: A Santa hosted improv game night with a dedicated and surly elf co-host. Join us for an evening of fun and laughs to get ready for the holidays.


*Special Performance*

Saturday, October 19th Improv Show: We will be performing an Improv Show at WPAA in Wallingford as part of there Open House/ Community Day. The performance will be at 6pm. Please meet at 5:30PM. If you have not worked with us in the past please come to our October 14th Improv Workshop. For more information please see below*

CCTC is a new, up-and-coming touring theatre company. We make our home in many towns across CT. To provide a sense of inclusivity and scope, we intend to perform our art across the state.


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