December 20, 2021


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The Little Theatre of Manchester (LTM) is seeking a multi-racial cast for an April production of Noises Off. Auditions will be held on Sunday and Tuesday, 1/2 and 1/4 at 7 pm at Cheney Hall, 177 Hartford Road in Manchester. If callbacks are needed, they will be held Thursday 1/6.
Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.
Rehearsals will begin twice a week starting on 1/9 and move to three nights a week as of 2/7. All roles are open (5m/4f) and all require an English accent.
Please direct any questions to Debi Freund at 860-604-9111 or
The roles are as follows:
LLOYD DALLAS – Pretentious, sarcastic and moody director of the play within the play. Age: 40-55.
DOTTY OTLEY – Middle-aged television star, and star of play within the play. Having an affair with the much younger Garry. Requires second accent (Cockney) for Mrs. Clackett. Age: 45-55.
GARRY LEJEUNE – The leading man of the play within the play. Self-absorbed, pompous, jealous, incapable of finishing a sentence; falls down a flight of stairs during the show. Very physically demanding. Age: 30s
BROOKE ASHTON – Young, inexperienced, terrible actress. Gorgeous, oblivious, easily distracted, spends almost the entire play in her underwear. Age: 20s
FREDERICK FELLOWES – Well-meaning, not the brightest bulb…., prone to nosebleeds and squeamishness. Age: 35-45
BELINDA BLAIR – The cast Mother, looks out for everyone. Cheerful, sensible, reliable. Age: 35-45
SELSDON MOWBRAY – Experienced, half-deaf actor with a drinking problem. Requires big, Shakespearean stage accent. Age: 50s-60s
POPPY NORTON-TAYLOR – ASM to the play within the play. Very shy, easily flustered. Age: 30s
TIM ALLGOOD – Exhausted, overworked SM of the play within the play. Age: 25-35

All those auditioning must be FULLY VACCINATED AGAINST COVID-19. Proof of vaccination is required at audition.

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