June 13, 2022

Lighting Designer/Lighting Operator

The Connecticut Gilbert & Sullivan Society is seeking a lighting designer/lighting operator for its 2022 production of H.M.S. Pinafore.  Performances are Sat. Oct 15th, 2:00PM and 7:30PM and Oct 16th 2:00PM  at Valley Regional High School, Deep River, CT.

Moving into the venue and setup of sets, lighting, sound will take place on Oct 8th and 9th.  Tech week is Oct 10-14th.  Some additional adjustments to sets, lighting and sound may be necessary and take place during tech week but will need to work around limits on hours of access to the school, and around nightly rehearsals for the show.

The lighting board at the venue is an ETC Expression 3 console with two monitors. It  controls both the conventional stage lights and the LED cyclorama lights.


The lighting designer/lighting operator is responsible for designing and rigging stage lighting for the show to accomplish the specific lighting effects envisioned by the Artistic Director for the different scenes and numbers in the show and operating the stage and house lighting during the performance..  Doing so includes

  • Installing stage lights and repositioning and aiming them as required to achieve desired lighting, including the derigging of existing stage lights if needed to allow rigging and positioning of other lights needed for the show
  • swapping out the gels in the house plot stage lighting with those needed to create the desired effects
  • renting and rigging additional lighting that may needed (e.g. gobo’s)
  • after the show is over, restoring the venues house lights and gels to the house plot
  • programming the lighting console and running the stage and cyclorama lighting at the venue so that the various lighting and effects turn on/off and at the designated cue points in the script
  • controlling the house lights during the performances
  • During move in and set up, coordinating the rigging of lights with the people who are moving in and installing sets so as not to interfere with one another
  • After the last performance, coordinating the derigging of lights with the people striking set so as not to interfere with one another.
  • Tracking any expenditures required to do the lighting and staying within budget for those expenditures. Saving receipts for expenditures and submitting them to the Producer to receive reimbursement.


  • Previous experience designing and rigging stage lighting.
  • An artistic eye coupled with knowledge of show lighting techniques and the technical skills needed to achieve various lighting effects that have been worked out with the Artistic Director and Technical Director.
  • Experience programming and running a lighting board that includes controls for both conventional and LED lighting
  • Physical ability to load in and unload lighting equipment, climb step ladders, use a lift to rig lights
  • Ability to organize and direct the activities of others you or we have brought in to help you with the lighting.


The Connecticut Gilbert & Sullivan Society is a small non-profit performing arts group with a very limited production budget.  Most of the people in the production crew are uncompensated volunteers from our cast and membership.   However, the Lighting Designer/Lighting Operator will receive a modest honorarium and the amount of that honorarium is negotiable.

How to apply.

Please send a resume or CV summarizing your experience designing and operating show lighting.  Also please include references which should include Directors, Producers, Stage Managers you have worked for and with doing show lighting.  Please also include links to any videos of shows that you feel are good examples of the show lighting work that you have done for other productions.  Resume, references and links to videos should be emailed to John Freedman, Producer

If you have questions or required additional information you can also email John Freedman or call at 860-554-1256.

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