March 6, 2023

Job Opening: Production Manager at Playhouse on Park

Production Manager for Playhouse on Park in West Hartford, CT

General Requirements 

  1. Must have strong management, financial, communication, and leadership skills
  2. Must have a working knowledge of all production disciplines (scenery, electrics, costume, etc), including a thorough understanding of the interaction between these disciplines during the production process
  3. Should be proficient in Microsoft Excel, or in a similar spreadsheet program
  4. Should be able to identify and solve problems, and work within a team to solve problems together
  5. Must have the ability to work under pressure and juggle work on several productions at one time
  6. Must be able to effectively work with people of a variety of skill sets and skill levels, including delegating tasks to other production staff members as needed
  7. Ideally able to read and understand technical drawings
  8. Must behave diplomatically and act in the best interest of the theatre



  1. General
    1. Organize Production Department activities to ensure efficient and effective use of theatre resources.
    2. Communicate daily with theatre leadership, production staff and stage management.
    3. If you have concerns with specific staff members, situations, etc. be proactive: bring your concerns to the attention of the supervising artistic director and / or executive director and work together to figure out a solution.
    4. Attend staff meetings
    5. Ensuring designers are aware of applicable deadlines, production meetings, and budgets.
    6. Ensure safe working conditions for the staff, creative team and performers.
    7. Keep basic production supplies stocked
  2. Scheduling & Organization
    1. Set up & maintain a dropbox or a similar system for sharing important paperwork for each show, allowing all departments to communicate effectively
    2. Maintain Playhouse on Park’s master calendar 
      1. Notate load-ins, strikes, tech rehearsals, etc.
      2. Indicate when the lobby is in use
      3. Indicate off-site events
      4. Confirm special events and reservations of the space with staff as needed, including educational use of the theater
    3. Create and distribute tech schedules detailing load-in, lx hang, focus, paint and strike
    4. Check the rehearsal schedule against the Playhouse on Park master calendar, and arrange for off-site rehearsal space when needed
    5. Create and distribute tech schedules detailing load-in, lx hang, focus, paint and strike.
    6. Assist in coordinating occasional special projects, including off site productions (if applicable), one-night performances, special events, and fundraising events
  3. Load In & Technical Rehearsals
    1. Be present at/following technical rehearsals, final dress, and each preview performance, and lead brief production meetings immediately afterward to go over production related notes and fixes and ensure follow-through.
    2. Hire the necessary workers or secure the necessary volunteers to allow load in and strike to stay on schedule and productive. Please see “5. Staffing”
    3. Work with the Technical Director to ensure safe working conditions for the staff, creative team, and performers
      1. E.g. When performers are allowed to use the stage, particularly for the first time after load-in, work with the Technical Director to ensure that the set is safe, and the stage is swept
      2. Give or ensure that the Technical Director gives the cast a safety walk through when they are allowed to use the set for the first time, and address any safety concerns.
    4. With Technical Director and relevant department heads, ensure that the production is photo ready for final dress. This includes making sure that the theatre is tidy
    5. Help to ensure production staff is clear on what they need to accomplish.
  4. Budgeting
    1. Work with the Executive Director, Artistic Directors, and Business Manager to create, implement and manage annual and show-by-show production budgets and schedules.
    2. With the Technical Director, collaborate with designers to creatively solve technical and financial challenges to realize their vision
    3. Track all production-related spending (including collecting copies of all relevant receipts and invoices), ensuring that all production departments conform to their budgets and alerting the Executive Director and Finance Director whenever additional money needs to be available for production-related purchases
  5. Staffing
    1. With the Technical Director and relevant department heads, recruit, hire, and train over-hire part time staff, interns, apprentices, and volunteers as needed.
    2. With the Technical Director and relevant department heads, sign off on timesheets and payroll for all over-hire and hourly production staff members.
      1. Ensure that new part time staff members are given the appropriate paperwork to be put on payroll
      2. Ensure that part time staff members being paid hourly know how to turn in their timesheets for payment.
    3. Supervise and evaluate members of the production staff, providing feedback and evaluation as needed to the artistic/executive directors and the employees themselves.
    4. With the Technical Director and relevant department heads,  ensure that all over-hire or hourly production staff members are supervised while on-site.
  6. Meetings
    1. Coordinate production meetings
      1. For main stage shows, there should be a design concept meeting about two months in advance, then at least two production meetings prior to the start of rehearsals to discuss / approve the scenic design, costume design sketches, and ensure all departments are on track for success.
      2. A production meeting may be necessary during the rehearsal process: it is the Production Manager’s responsibility to schedule this meeting as needed.
      3. There will be a production meeting following the designer run & each day of technical rehearsals
    2. Take notes at all meetings & distribute in a timely fashion
    3. The Production Manager, Technical Director and Master Electrician should be present at final dress and each preview performance, then lead a brief production meeting immediately afterward to go over production related notes and fixes.


The Production Manager may be assigned additional duties as needed.

This is a full time position

PTG Inc. requires all staff to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 or obtain an approval for exemption due to medical or religious reasons. 



Those interested should submit a cover letter, resume, and three references to