October 19, 2021



FALSE POSITIVE(s) is a feature-length independent film going to be shot throughout Connecticut. Romantic dramedy taking place in college with mostly graduate students. Food will be provided during filming as well as full credits in the film.

Filming schedule is also intended to be very flexible so most other commitments shouldn’t be an issue, most scenes also take place with only 2-4 characters.

Not required to be union, but this WILL be a paid, union shoot.

Need CAST, CREW for the IS THIS FILMS production of FALSE POSITIVE(s)

Originally submitted as an unpaid gig, we are seeking those interested in a major opportunity for exposure. With film festivals already interested in airing our final product, there will be major opportunities for all involved.

Having received funding in a small, if massive (to us) way, we’ve officially started a Production Company & Studio to help us produce our first feature film FALSE POSITIVE(s).

Filling up quickly so submit fast, very limited time. for the first 58 pages, actors.

ACTORS… these are a list of some major roles still being auditioned. ALL ROLES ARE ALL GENDERS/RACES EXCEPT WHERE SPECIFIED.

STEVE K – mid-20s, male. grad student. absolute nerd, but a conventionally great looking one & knows how to talk to the ladies, if not well- good enough. He knows everything there is to know about computer science but not interpersonal relationships, especially as he gets deeper into them. When we meet him he’s in a relationship with PRAGMA, though his first scene is flirting with another girl. He is essentially the male lead though this is basically an ensemble type film, and his growth as a human is an essential factor in the story.

CASSANDRA – mid 20s, female, conventionally beautiful, even gorgeous. She knows she’s all that, though. Really the female lead, though this is something of an ensemble film: she is a rollercoaster. To say the least, fun to play.

(Professor) DOMINICK PECHMAN – early 30s male, any race – Boyfriend (becomes fiancee in the first Act) of CASSANDRA, their relationship is complicated, not in the least because she has just enrolled at the graduate school he has only been teaching at for a year and a half. He’s a good guy with a big heart, but is stuck in his ways and stubborn as all hell. His friendships with PROF. WHITLOCK and PAX ground his character after the trauma brought about by Cassandra’s actions and his bad decisions. BIO-TECH Prof.

PAX – stoner, mid-20s (about same age as STEVE give or take a year)-  all around chill person, friend to all & a source of consistent comedic relief as well as a very good match for some of the ladies in the film.

FINN – non-graduate, late teens, early 20s. This is her junior year meaning she’s the only main member of this cast not to be a grad student or professor. Obsessed with STEVE, dating GREG- whoops.

PROF. DAVIS – male. older. Hard-ass. Stickler. No new friends, for sure. Somehow, in charge of BioTech department though.

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