October 28, 2016

Horror Feature film Casting Call this Weekend!


Casting Call for the Jow Films *Non-Union* Feature Film “Haunted.”
SYNOPSIS: Bored with the conventional horror outlets in life, know-it-all Taylor signs up for a mysterious Halloween Trail. But when the other participants in her group start dropping like flies, she must overcome her ego and find out if her life is truly in danger…

Sides available for both Male / Female roles. Not all roles will have sides available as we are looking to cast our leads first and then supporting will be built out based off those auditions when we feel someone’s style / skills are a better fit for another role.

Call will be held THIS Sunday (October 30th) at RVP Studios in West Haven, Connecticut from 10am to 5pm. It will be a first come first serve audition process.

RVP Studios address: 221 Bull Hill Ln, West Haven, Connecticut 06477
Looking for ages 8-11, 18 – 60+ in Women.
Looking for ages 25+ in Men.

Up front information:
– All acting experiences welcome
– Pay will be available for some roles.
– This film will *not* contain nudity.
– Please bring headshot / Resume

If likely attending, please click the “attending” button. A better knowledge of attendance will aid us in making sure everyone coming is seen.

****Children will not be subjected to speaking strong language in the auditions or film, however, in the final film they will be involved in graphic scenes that involve horror elements and other characters using strong language.****

If you would like to forward a digital headshot / resume in advance, you may email them to


PLEASE PRINT, fill out and bring the Audition Application with you to the Audition to speed up the process.


TAYLOR (Female, 20’s, All Ethnicities)
Cocky, Seeking excitement in her life, Knows all things horror but by no means goth or emo. Twisted people look like everyone else, don’t they?

GREG (Male, mid-20’s to early 30’s, All Ethnicities)
A guy on a mission, but a guy with a secret. Noble. Total red herring… or is he?



CORINNE ( Female, 20’s, All Ethnicities)
Bit of a wild-thing struggling with her moral compass. Taylor’s best friend and her rock. Odds of her living to the sequel not looking too good…

STEVE (Male, 20’s, All Ethnicities)
Bruh, he’s got this all figured out. If there’s one guy you can trust on the trail, it’s him. He’s got this.


ANNETTE (Female, 20’s, All Ethnicities)
Uncertain of where she’s going in life right now. This Halloween attraction sounds cool. We’ll be fine guys, it’s just a bunch of hocus pocus.

ROGER (Male, 35+, Caucasian)
He once shot a buck from several hundred yards away after putting away a whole case of Coors light. Most likely to be voting for Donald Trump out of the group.


JESSIE (Female, 30’s, All Ethnicities)
They never made her sign a waiver so if any of the people on the attraction touch her, they’ll be going home black and blue.

MARY-BETH (Female, 45+, All Ethnicities)
Saw someone post about the attraction on “the Facebook”. Signed up with her daughter without doing any research. Would like to see the manager and will be writing a nasty review on Yelp as soon as she gets home.


SWEETHEART (Female, 10-14, All Ethnicities)
Mom didn’t do her research on the trail but she did. Blanket for covering eyes and hiding glued to her right hand, left hand glued to Mary-beth’s pantleg.



CHRIS (Male, 20’s All Ethnicities)
Corrinne’s boyfriend. Good looking, but a bit of a pushover. This relationship is new ok? He’s still trying to figure out how to get in her pants.

ZACK (Male, 20’s, All Ethnicities)
Smartass. Chris’ best friend. “I have three scenes and I damn sure make the most of it.”

ASHOK (Male, 20/30’s, Indian Descent)
If there was a word for anti-best friend, he’d be Roger’s anti-best friend. Very timid, shy, quiet. Hoping maybe he’ll make a friend along the trail and come out of his shell.

VICTOR (Male, 30’s, Hispanic)
Quiet for another reason. Somethings up with this guy but we aren’t quite sure yet.

OFFICER RILEY (All genders, 25+, All Ethnicities)
Not particularly convinced if the Attraction is actually killing people how it’s owners plan to pay their car payments the next month… but if I don’t investigate the lawsuit could cost me my pension, so, fine. Let me drink my coffee first, ok?!


MONSTERS: (All genders, 25+, All Ethnicities)
Not gonna spoil it, likely some of the most fun roles here. Experience with stunts / combat training helpful. Or just be willing to sit in makeup chairs for hours on end and then fall down / struggle with others a lot. PHYSICALLY DEMANDING ROLES.


Check out our Facebook page for the film at: and our Casting Call Event at

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