September 11, 2017

HITW Announces Auditions For “School For Manners”

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Auditions set for School for Manners  by Bill Arnold
The Hole In The Wall Theater is proud to announce auditions for our upcoming production of “School For Manners” by Bill Arnold. The world premiere of this new comedy is being Directed by Christina Giannelli, Assistant Directed by Eric Jolicoeur and Produced by Scott Hoffman. The production dates run November 17th through December 9th with Friday and Saturday evening performances at 8:00 P.M. and one Sunday performance at 2:00 P.M. on November 26th.
Auditions will be held on Sunday, September 24th and Monday, September 25th at 7:00 P.M., with callbacks by invitation on Wednesday, September 27th. Rehearsals will begin the first week of October and will consist of a combination of Sunday-Thursday evenings depending on actors’ availability.
Auditions will be held in the theater at 116 Main St, New Britain. All those interested in auditioning should bring a headshot or recent photo, current resume, and be prepared to read from the script.
Show Description:
It’s 1910, and hard times are approaching for the estate of Lady Manors: Addison Park. As she struggles to save her home in Edwardian England, she must also recline on her chaise lounge because that is what a well-born Lady does! Are wealth and social standing the key to a successful life? Find out the cost of contentment amongst the aristocracy. They’re just like you…only better.
Character Descriptions:
(LADY MANORS (F 40-50)- Married young and widowed young, Begonia Manors has had to run her estate alone for many years with only the help of her husband’s solicitor and her mother in law. She is strong and positively convinced that her opinions are not only right, but the only ones worth having. She well understands her position in society and her family’s place in the aristocracy. By all benchmarks in our society, Lady Manors is a TERRIBLE mother (and likely a terrible person, too), but she is positively convinced that “this is how it is done”,
IRIS & MARIGOLD MANORS (F 20-30) – Young daughters who have never experienced hardship beyond the weather. They have led unexamined lives. They’re not stupid – merely ignorant. But, they’re also extremely entitled. Think Paris Hilton or any number of wealthy children who inherited everything without having to labor even a little.
CLEMATIS MANORS (M 20-30) – “She” is actually the son of Lady Manors, but through a mix-up, was dressed like a girl. Clematis KNOWS his gender, but remains in dresses and maintains the illusion that he’s a girl merely out of comfort and probably some laziness as well. The character is not trans, nor is the author making fun of trans people. Clematis is a drag role, but the character has full knowledge of the part he’s playing.
PEMBROOKE (M 30-60)- Pembrooke is the ultimate butler. Calm and capable, he is truly the master of reality in the house. While subservient to the family, Pembrooke absolutely runs the staff and any visitor to the house.
MISS TAYLOR (F 20-35) – a newcomer to the house, Sarah Taylor has lived her life in service. She’s clever, but also clever enough to immediately assess how to fit in and toe the rather surreal line in Manors’ Manor.
DOMINIQUE (F 25-40)- an experienced servant in the house, Dominique has long since learned how to play the system that keeps her in servitude. The person she appears to be when she’s with the family is completely different from the person she actually is.
SIR JOFFREY BALLETTE (M 40-60)- Sir Joffrey is a fop, a cad, and misogynistic pig. In other words, he is the prototypical Edwardian man. He has lived his life at the height of society, and as a result, is similar to Lady Manors in how he doesn’t deal in everyone else’s reality – but only his own.
LADY BALLETTE (F 40-60) – Rafflesia is just a terrible person. She is just as entitled as Lady Manors, but in addition, she is needy, jealous, and arrogant. She married her husband because that’s what was expected. There is no, nor ever has been, any love between them.
ROQUEFORT LADIDA (M 25-40) – A suave, oily, and mysterious man. Fancily dressed and impeccably groomed, Roquefort is more than just a fop, he is a walking fashion plate that hides his inner sleaziness from view. Machiavellian in nature, but smooth AF about it.
THADDEUS PARSNIP (M 20-30) – Thaddeus is a pretty young man who is the dictionary definition of “earnest”, a star crossed lover who only has eyes for his beloved. Though he has a secret past, Thaddeus is unaware of his birth, so he may be one of the very few genuine people in this play!
COUNTESS MANORS (F 50+) – Lady Manors’ mother-in-law. She is an older version of Lady Manors, really. The years have toughened her up, so that she is now a wealthy, powerful, strong, independent BALL BREAKER.
CAPTAIN ARTHUR MARTIN (M 50+) – Lady Manors’ father. An old sea captain who can’t seem to let go of his seafaring days. He’s living in his own alternate reality and is the epitome of the crazy yet endearing old man.
DR. VALENTINE (M 40+) – A man of medicine to the wealthy. He is not really the slightest bit interested in getting his hands dirty, and there’s a real possibility that he’s just a crappy doctor.
ALASTAIR WINTHROP (M 30-60)- The solicitor to Lady Manors. He is greedy, corrupt, and all the while, feels like he’s being entirely proper in everything he does. Think of him as just about any politician, and you’ll get a pretty good sense…
*as this show is set just outside London characters will require British accents, the actress portraying Dominique will need to go in and out of several different accents
**due to the nature of this show all roles will only be cast 18+


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