September 21, 2019

Gilbert & Sullivan’s “THESPIS”

Thespis show graphic

On October 12th and 13th the Connecticut Gilbert & Sullivan Society brings to the stage, Gilbert & Sullivan’s Thespis. This first work in the G&S canon is little-known and rarely performed because almost all the original music was never published and thought to be lost. But Sullivan always maintained that the music was not lost, but rather reused by him and Gilbert in their later operettas. Based on Sullivan’s revelation about the original music, Professor Jonathan Strong of Tufts University and CG&SS Music Director, Dr. John Dreslin, have recreated orchestration and a vocal score to go with the original libretto.

Last performed by CG&SS 30 years ago, Gilbert & Sullivan fans will not want to miss this unique opportunity to see the show that started it all.

Type of production

  • Connecticut Gilbert & Sullivan Society productions are fully staged with sets, costumes, choreography, professional lighting and sound,  and a 23 piece professional orchestra

Performance Dates and Times

  • Saturday, October 12th, 2:00pm & 7:30pm
  • Sunday, October 13th, 2:00pm



Story Line

A troupe of actors, picnicking on Mount Olympus, discover that the ancient gods are still alive, though somewhat decrepit and worse for wear since no one believes in them anymore. Hearing their plight, Thespis, the company’s manager, suggests that the out-of-date divinities go down to earth incognito, to mingle with mortals and learn how they might regain their lost influence, and let he and his troupe, invested with godly powers, assume their Olympian duties.  But what at first appears to be an easy engagement for trained actors soon unravels as Thespis and his company, ignoring ancient precedents, undertake a series of calamitous experiments and romantic pairings that become their undoing.


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