August 19, 2018

FOCUS Teen Improv Club Now Forming!

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Does your child love to laugh? Do they love acting?

FOCUS Teen Improv Club is a new group meeting Fridays from 4-6 p.m. at Crescendo Music Loft, 5 Old Post Road, Madison.

Enrollment for the fall session (10 weeks –September 7 – November 9th) is happening now, and there are only five spaces left.

Teen Improv Club now forming in Madison!

Maximum enrollment is 20 kids ages 12+ (average age of current participants is 13). No experience is necessary!








Students will be taught the fundamental rules of improvisational theatre and apply them to dozens of different “handles” or “games”, through which they will build their skills. They will laugh continually and have a ton of fun.

Improvisational theatre improves collaboration, cooperation, presentation skills, resilience, storytelling, active listening, saying “yes” (and adding information), positive risk taking, losing the fear of failure, ability to “read the room” and self-confidence. For those who are serious about acting, it is the fastest way to improve skills across the boards. Your child will find that their scripted acting grows by leaps and bounds through this work, and auditions will become more fun and less terrifying. Improv is incredibly helpful for those who want to smash their stage fright!

Director Lara Morton has been teaching improvisational theatre (comedic and dramatic) to all ages for over twenty years, and has a strong affinity for working with this age group. She is a fully background-checked employee of Madison Public Schools and New Haven Public Schools.

Tuition of $175 includes three performance opportunities at The Groove Open Mic (first Friday of every month, 7-10 p.m.). A $50 deposit is required to reserve your child’s space in the group, and the balance of $125 is due at the first session (unless payment arrangements are made in advance– please ask!). Sibling discount of $25 is available if you are registering two kids.

For more information, please contact Ms. Lara at 203-314-3394 or email

Registration forms attached.

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