June 10, 2019

Drama Works Theatre auditions for the comedy/drama “Bakersfield Mist” in Stonington, Ct.

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Auditions are Thursday and Friday the 13th and 14th at 7 PM and Saturday the 15th at 10 AM. No Weekend Rehearsals.
Maude Gutman, a 40’s to 50 out of work bartender. Kind of raunchy but in a loveable funny way.
Lionel Percy, 40’s to 60 elitist New York art expert with the attitude and demeanor that he feels is required of such a person.
The auditions will be at the theatre, downstairs at the Quiambaug Cove Professional Center at 107 Wilcox Road, Stonington, Ct.

The play is based on the true story of a woman who has purchased a painting at a thrift shop for a few bucks. After a night of drinking and using the painting for target practice but too drunk to hit it, she realizes it could be a lost Jackson Pollack worth millions. She asks a New York art expert to come and evaluate it. So begins the tug of war for the truth about the painting — and the two of them. Adult language.

A very funny and at times very touching story. A delightful evening of theatre. Please visit for more information and directions.


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