June 21, 2018

Collective Consciousness Theatre seeking Actors for our 2018-19 Season

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Collective Consciousness Theatre, an award winning theatre company in New Haven, is seeking ACTORS for their upcoming 2018-19 season. Presenting a three production season, rehearsals are Tuesday-Friday 6:30-9:30pm and Sundays 5-9pm. Paid position. If interested, send us a current headshot or picture and an acting resume showing your experience as an actor at

Weekly performance schedule is Thursday-Saturday 8pm, Sunday 3pm (one performance, last Sunday of the run).

The 2018-19 season, seeking the roles of:

“Jesus Hopped the A Train”, Rehearsal begins 9/10/18, Performances 10/25-11/11.
ANGEL, 20’s, Latino male,
LUCIUS, 30s-40s, African American male,
MARY JANE, 30s, lawyer who is driven and compassionate, white female,
D’AMICO, 30s, Corrections officer, white male,
VALDEZ, 30s-40s, Latino male,

“Rasheeda Speaking”, Rehearsal begins 12/3, Performances 1/17/19-2/3/19.

“The Royale”, Rehearsal begins 2/18/19. Performances 3/28/19-4/14/19.
JAY, Late 20s-early 30s, Charismatic boxing champion, African American male.
WYNTON, 50s, Veteran boxing trainer, African American male.
NINA, 30s, A fierce big sister, African American female.
FISH, 18-20s, a amateur boxer, African American male.
MAX, 40s, A fight promoter, White male.

For more information or to submit for an audition, email us at

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