September 1, 2018

Collective Consciousness Theatre is holding auditions for our 2018-19 Season

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CCT is having another round of general auditions on Wednesday Sept. 5 from 6-8pm at our studio in Erector Square in New Haven. 319 Peck Street.
Looking for Actors and Stage Managers for this season. All Paid positions. Those interested, email us at

by Stephen Adly Guirgis, directed by Dexter J. Singleton.
Performances Oct. 25-Nov. 11 (rehearsal starts Sept. 10)
Roles Seeking:
ANGEL, 20s, Puerto Rican Male
VALDEZ, 30s, Puerto Rican Male
MARY JANE, 20-30s, White female

RASHEEDA SPEAKING by Joel Drake Johnson,
directed by Elizabeth Nearing
Performances Jan-Feb 2019 (rehearsals begin Dec. 2018)
Roles Seeking:
ILEEN, 50-60s, White Female
JACLYN, 50-60s, Af. Amer. female
DR.. WILLIAMS, 30-40s, White Male
ROSE, 60s, White Female

THE ROYALE by Marco Ramirez, directed by Jenny Nelson
Performances Mar-Apr 2019 (rehearsals begin Feb. 2019)
Roles Seeking:
JAY, 20-30s, Af. Amer. Boxer
WYNTON, 40-50s, Jay’s Boxing coach, Af. Amer.
NINA, 20-30s, Jay’s sister, Af. Amer.
FISH, 20s, up and coming young boxer, Af. Amer.
MAX, 30-50s, boxing promoter, white

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