September 3, 2018

Caesar Rondina Author | Public Speaker

Caesar Rondina is a North Haven Connecticut Best Selling Author and Public Speaker. His earlier career as a professional firefighter and paramedic has given him the opportunity to interact with over 76,000 patients during his pre-hospital medical career. As Caesar states, “In my 35 years in public service and pre-hospital medicine; if I haven’t seen it, it is only because it hasn’t happened yet.”  His experiences have inspired him to write self-help books, murder mysteries, love stories, and crime dramas.

Caesar states, “I have been a part of many crime scenes and have testified in court on many occasions. Even though some books are fiction, the scenes I write about, or the court cases that may be part of a plot, are written with accuracy and attention to detail making them more realistic and believable. This creates a reading experience that causes my readers to become attached to the story-line and the characters.” He goes on to add, “Writing is a personal experience. A personal connection not only between the story, the characters, and the reader but also with the Author. I receive many emails through my website regarding the degree of honesty and transparency I share about myself. That is how a reader connects to the author.”

Caesar believes in giving back to his community. He has spoken at church groups, schools, book clubs, and other events within the community. Caesar states, “I will never charge anyone to speak at a community event or school. I love to interact with our youth, seniors, and veterans. We can learn as much from them as they can learn from us. Interacting with my community is something I have done my entire life. That is completely different from when I am hired to speak at a college or company business event.” You can visit his website at, and can follow Caesar on Facebook – Caesar Rondina Author, Twitter – @caesarrondina, and Instagram – caesarrondinaauthor.

Caesar Rondina newest release is coming in September 2018. It is a murder mystery trilogy “Life Through A Mirror.” The second book in the series will be released in February 2019, and the final book in the trilogy will be released in May 2019. A love story “When Two Worlds Collide” is scheduled for release in July 2019. Caesar is in the process of writing his new crime series titled “The Axe Dairies” scheduled to be released throughout 2010. The private investigator series introduces Vincent “AXE” Brown and Roxanne “ROXY” Jones.”

Caesar personally responds to every email, and invites all comments and questions. You can email him through his website or directly at Thank you.

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