January 3, 2013

BubblePole / Jow Films Hold open Auditions

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Independent film group Jow Films/BubblePole will be holding their first ever public auditions. This is a capable film group that has already privately financed and produced a full length feature film. We are now looking to expand our talent pool and start on our latest projects.

Jow Films next project is a horror film titled “Devil’s Hour.” We are planning on bringing a brand new look to the horror genre.

Along with Jow films is its side project BubblePole. BubblePole is a group that will be making comedic sketches and shorts for the internet. We strive to be like so many great groups in this format (SNL, Key and Peele, Whitest Kids U Know.) We have a few sketches already written and ready to shoot, we just need the actors. That’s where you all come in!

Our auditions will be held on Saturday January 26th from 2-5pm. They will be at he Carol Autorino Center at the University of Saint Joseph in West Hartford CT. We are asking that you please bring with you a recent photograph, or headshot, and a resume. We will have sides at the audition for you to prepare and cold read for us. If you have a prepared monologue let us know, we may ask you to perform it for us. We are looking for all shapes and sizes! Jow Films is looking for horror and serious actors. Our BubblePole projects need some real comedic gems!

These auditions are open but please email Bobby Schultz at to reserve a slot. We will accept walk ins but there is no guarantee that you will be seen.

Thank you so much and I hope to see a lot of you come out! Big things coming up soon!!!

Check out our first short here! BubblePole Teaser

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