January 4, 2017

Award Winning Horror Screenplay seeking Male Actors


Logline: When rumors swirl that a haunted attraction may be killing off it’s patrons, desensitized Horror nerd Taylor chalked it up to viral marketing. Seeking to rekindle her fear, she embarks on the haunt to find out the truth for herself. But as her fellow participants begin to drop like flies, Taylor must find the answer before it’s too late.

Winner of the Grand Prize in the New York Screenplay Contest and an Official Selection of the Northeast Film Fest Horror Fest, “Haunted” is currently seeking:


MALE actors (all ethnicity) ages 25-33 for the Male lead as well as supporting male roles.

Interested actors may contact the production at: to inquire and receive sides. Video auditions only from local Connecticut Actors.


This is a non-union production.


Production is currently schedule to take place in May 2017, depending on financing. Actors will be paid for participation in production.

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