February 9, 2019


The Little Theatre of Manchester is proud to announce open auditions for their June 2019 production of The Normal Heart by Larry Kramer. The production is directed by Michael Forgetta and will run June 7 – 23, 2019. Auditions will take place at Cheney Hall on Monday and Tuesday, March 4 and 5 starting promptly at 7 p.m. Sign-in both days will be at 6:30 p.m. We are seeking 8 men and 1 women. A detailed character breakdown can be found on the LTM website ( Readings will be from the script. Please be familiar with the show. Rehearsals begin Monday, April 15. Please come to auditions with all known conflicts. Any questions regarding the auditions or show should be directed to

Character Breakdown:

Ned Weeks – loosely based on the Larry Kramer, Ned is the protagonist of the play. He is deeply committed to fighting for the rights of gay men and doesn’t mind who he pisses off. He is deeply loyal to everyone and is only looking for one outcome – for all gay men to be proud of being gay. Anyone cast in this role must be willing to be onstage in their underwear and to be very intimate with another man.

Felix Turner – a columnist for the New York Times, he agrees to meet with Ned to learn more about this strange disease, but really he finds Ned attractive. Felix and Ned become lovers in this uncertain time. Felix is kind, genuine, and is one of the few people who can go toe to toe with Ned and not get scared away. Anyone cast in this role must be willing to be very intimate with another man.

Bruce Niles – handsome, commanding, intelligent, and oddly enough in the closet. Bruce is Ned’s friend but also his antagonist at times. Bruce wants to help with the fight but isn’t willing to fully commit by being out about it. Bruce is former military and very charismatic – what all the boys in Fire Island want!

Dr. Emma Bruckner – she is one of the few doctors in New York taking the crisis seriously. She has logged more patients than any doctor in the city and wants to get to the word out to the gay community that there is something wrong. She sees in Ned a kindred spirit and she wants to work with him to start saving lives. She spends the entire show in a wheel chair.

Ben Weeks – Ben is Ned’s brother. He is a very wealthy attorney for a large NY law firm. He loves his brother yet tolerates his brother’s sexuality – “it’s fine with me as long as you don’t waive it in my face”. In the end, aside from Felix, Ben is the only person Ned truly loves and trusts.

Tommy Boatwright – young, excited, passionate and a “southern bitch”. Tommy is “the fixer” of the group. He knows how to talk to people, he knows on to mediate issues, and he is very intelligent and understands what needs to be done.

Mickey Marcus – Mickey represents “Everyman”….well…every gay man. He works for the city of New York, pays his taxes, loves his family and loves being gay. He is proud of who he is and has stood up for gay rights starting with Stonewall. But Mickey is afraid of losing his job and his livelihood thanks to Ned’s tirades.

Track 1:
Craig Donner – appears at the start of the show; Bruce Niles’ boyfriend who has just been diagnosed

Grady – a worker for the Gay Men’s Health Crisis; funny, young

Examining Doctor – a doctor putting Dr. Bruckner through her paces

Track 2:
David – appears at the beginning of the show; has just been examined by Bruckner and recognizes Ned

Hiram Keebler – Mayor Koch’s assistant; officious, condescending, and in the closet.

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