May 14, 2018

Auditions for In The Heights

Auditions for In The Heights, June 1-3 by appointment, open casting call on June 2 9am-12pm. Arts in CT, 64 Ridge St, Milford, CT 06460  ages 12 and up. All roles open. Adults are welcome.

The story is set over the course of three days, involving characters in the largely Hispanic-American neighborhood of Washington Heights in New York City.


Director: Mike Reynolds, Music- Jim Tetti, Choreographer

Show Date-Aug 4


Auditions Location

Arts in CT

64 Ridge St

Milford, CT 06460

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All Role Open

Ages 12- adults

Summer Camp Available for show (Day Cast)


More Info:

Arts in CT

64 Ridge St

Milford, CT 06460


‘In the Heights’





Arts in CT Corporation

Barbara Alexander, production mgr.; Lin-Manuel Miranda, music-lyrics; Quiara Alegría Hudes, book; Arts in CT Corps, prod.; Mike Reynolds, Dir.

Production Description

Seeking versatile and dynamic singing/dancing/actors for Arts in CT’s upcoming production of “In the Heights.”

REQUIRED MEDIA: Headshot/Photo, Youtube Videos, and Resume

Audition Roles

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Usnavi (Lead): Male, 15-29

owner of De la Vega’s Bodega (corner store), has a thing for Vanessa, worker, narrator, rapper/singer; high baritone/tenor to G4.

ETHNICITY: Latino/Hispanic

Nina Rosario (Lead): Female, 14-26

very bright, sweet, feels that she has let everyone down when she drops out of college; high belter to F5.

ETHNICITY: Latino/Hispanic

REQUIRED MEDIA: Headshot/Photo

Vanessa (Lead): Female, 14-27

Usnavi’s love interest, works at Daniela’s salon, wants to get out of the barrio, must be a strong dancer; soulful high belter to E5.

ETHNICITY: Latino/Hispanic

REQUIRED MEDIA: Headshot/Photo

Camila Rosario (Lead): Female, 17-50

Nina’s mom, co-owner of Rosario’s Car and Limousine, determined to keep the family together, stands up to Kevin, she is the glue of the family, straight talker, Spanish-speaking a plus, no required dancing; strong singer-belter G3 to B4.

ETHNICITY: Latino/Hispanic

REQUIRED MEDIA: Headshot/Photo

Abuela Claudia (Supporting): Female, 25-80

Camp-Age will change

from Cuba, raised Usnavi and Sonny, grand-matriarch of the community, wins the lottery, no required dancing; belter F#3 to C5.

ETHNICITY: Latino/Hispanic

REQUIRED MEDIA: Headshot/Photo

Benny (Lead): Male, 15-28

works at Rosario’s Car and Limousine, has a thing for Nina, best friends with Usnavi, determined, singer/rapper; tenor to Ab4.

ETHNICITY: Latino/Hispanic

REQUIRED MEDIA: Headshot/Photo

Kevin Rosario (Lead): Male, 17-50

Daniela (Supporting): Female, 15-39

Carla (Supporting): Female, 13-27

Sonny (Supporting): Male, 13-27

Piragua Guy (Supporting): Male, 13-64

Graffiti Pete (Supporting): Male, 13-29

Ensemble (Chorus / Ensemble): Males & Females, 13-29

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Rehearsals begin July 2 (combination of weekday daytimes, 9am- 3pm.; some evenings, 5-8 p.m; runs Mar. 23-Apr.4 in New Haven, CT.

Theater-Wilbur Cross High School


Camp and Rehearsal Location-Conte West Hills

Chapel St, New Haven, CT 06511

Evening Rehearsals nightly 5pm-8pm


Day Camp for Teens (fees apply) ages 12-18 (will be in play)


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