July 29, 2018

Auditions for Digital Series “A Coupla Pros”

Auditions for "A Coupla Pros"

JEN PRESTON, 44, is an affluent, white suburban housewife. She is joyful and warm, loves to laugh, loves a challenge, and loves having fun. People like Jen, and Jen likes people. She also likes herself. (No shrink needed here.) Jen is married to Steve, a widower 15 years her senior, who already had 2 grown children when they met.

SANDRA DOWNING (pronounced san-dra, not sahn-dra), 47, is an affluent, black suburban housewife. While she also loves to laugh, especially with partner Jen, she can be reticent and cautious around new people. Nothing gets past Sandra; she is intensely present, sharp as a tack, and the product of a fine education. She can be a bit of a diva, but she knows it, so it’s easily forgiven.

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