August 1, 2018

Auditions for “DEAD & DEADER” – Castle Craig Players

The Castle Craig Players will hold open auditions for “DEAD AND DEADER: An Audience Participation Murder Mystery” by Eileen Moushey, directed by Mark Laucella.

AUDITION DATES: Monday, August 20 & Tuesday, August 21 from 7:00 – 9:00pm

PERFORMANCE DATES: October 12-October 21 (Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays at 7:30pm, Sundays at 2pm)


LOCATION: Auditions, rehearsals & performances held at the Almira F. Stephan Memorial Playhouse, 59 West Main Street, Meriden.
SEEKING: Seeking adult actors of all types with strong comedic and improve acting skills. Actors must be ages 18 & over. See Character Breakdown and Audition Requirements below.
Please be prepared to read selections from the script, which will be provided. Bring a resume & headshot or recent photo of yourself. Please email with any questions or to schedule an audition time slot.

(Please note that the ages listed are the “playing” age – not necessarily the age of the actor. We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the show, as much as possible, prior to the auditions. Visit

FREDERICO DE MEDICI (Mid 30’s to mid 40’s) – “Rico” is in his mid-thirties to mid-forties. Flamboyant and very Italian, he is concerned with “making da art” but even more with “making da big money.” Dressed in silk shirt, gold chains and/or an ascot, etc.

LILIAN DURAND (Ageless? 60’s?) – Ageless….or is she? Lilian is a former very, very big star who is finding it difficult to be less than a very, very big star. Dressed in heavy make-up, turban, and gown, she is still quite glamorous, very dramatic and quite insane. Think Norma Desmond.

BILLY BARTON (40’s) – Billy is a former child star – he played Buster the neighbor on the sit-com “Make Way for Winky.” Boyish, yet it gets tougher every year for Billy to get jobs. Can’t quite make the transition to grown-up. In a “poet’s” shirt and tight pants.

FARLEY HOOPER (50’s to 60’s) – Farley is a millionaire and the backer of DEAD AND DEADER – THE MOVIE. He’s a good ol’ boy, back-slapper, how-ya-doin’ kinda guy. But you don’t make a fortune in peat moss by being a pushover. Dressed in a loud sports jacket, etc.

JENNIFER KILLIAN (Late 30’s) – Late 30’s, pretty feminine. A wannabe actress. Dressed mysteriously in a hooded cape to cover the long red wig she is wearing. Not overly “endowed”, reason to be revealed in the script.

LIZ CARTER-CAMPBELL (20’s to 40’s) – A reporter for the local tabloid, The Rag. Hard-hitting and fast talking. Dressed in business attire.

LYNN KELLY (20’s to 30’s) – This is the audience “plant”. She will become the object of Rico’s desires.

THE FILM CREW (All Ages) – These are extra characters, approximately four, that are there to lend credence to the premise that a film is being shot. All the characters can and should interact as much as possible with the film crew. They have very few to no scripted lines, other than “filmspeak” when and where appropriate. One may also serve as the “HOST” for the event

Please email with any questions or to schedule an audition time slot.

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