September 17, 2020

AUDITIONS for Cheney Hall musical event- OUTDOORS!

October 18th SPOOKY SHOW at Cheney Hall Audition Details:
If you haven’t been involved with a White Rabbit Theatre (WRT) show before, please email with the following info:
Name, Phone, Email, Town, Vocal Range (be as exact as possible), Previous Roles, Special Skills, Attach Resume if you have one
All Auditioners: •Please Confirm that you can meet for the following dates:
•2 rehearsals in October, TBA shortly. For now, keep Oct. 11th (afternoon), Oct. 13th (evening), and Oct. 14th (evening) free.
•Oct. 18th, 1 or 2 afternoon performances
•Oct. 24th rain date (which will be used in the case of rain, snow, or high wind on Oct. 18th)
•Please let me know if there are any songs in particular you prefer. Also, note if there are any you prefer NOT to perform.
•Please confirm that you can sell at least (2) tickets to the show.
*Note that due to limited space and safety, you may be required to either sit onstage during the show, or sit with family members that you live with (at their table).
•We will be required to be social-distanced from ALL audience members plus cast members whenever possible. Masks will be mandatory except when performing or sitting. Confirm that you will adhere to these guidelines, and let me know if you have questions/concerns.
•Songs will be accompanied on keyboard by Nick Stanford
Song Options to Audition With:
Please sing a minimum of 16 bars each for (2) songs from the list below. Send your video to Deadline is one week from today: THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 24th. If you want to audition with a “spooky” Broadway song not listed, run it by me first.
*None of these songs are guaranteed to be in the show. The repertoire will be determined based on auditions.
The Whole “Being Dead” Thing (baritone and 3 ensemble)
Dead Mom (mezzo)
Girl Scout (mezzo)
That Beautiful Sound (baritone, soprano, 2 ensemble)
Home (mezzo)
Phantom of the Opera
Think of Me (soprano)
Angel of Music (2 sopranos, tenor)
Phantom of the Opera (soprano, tenor)
Music of the Night (tenor)
Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again (soprano)
Jekyll and Hyde
Take Me As I Am (soprano, tenor)
This is the Moment (tenor)
Someone Like You (1 mezzo)
Confrontation (tenor)
The Longer I Live (tenor)
Please Don’t Make Me Love You (soprano)
At Last (mezzo, tenor)
Life After Life (soprano, tenor)
Let Me Walk Among You (baritone)
Inside Your Heart (mezzo, tenor)
Addams Family
Morticia (bass, 3 male ensemble)
Just Around the Corner (alto and 3 ensemble)
Crazier than You (mezzo, baritone)
In the Arms (soprano, tenor)
Into the Woods
Last Midnight (mezzo)
Sweeney Todd
The Ballad of Sweeney Todd (SATB)
Green Finch and Linnet Bird (soprano)
My Friends (alto, baritone)
Johanna (tenor)
Epiphany (bass)
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