February 3, 2023


Romantic entanglements, disguises, deception, and plot twists abound in this side-splitting farce 


Announcing Auditions for
Peter Shaffer’s Black Comedy

February 7, 8, 9, 2023 by appointment (7-8:00 or 8-9:00) 

3f, 5m

All ethnicities, non-paid

Performance dates: May 13, 14*, 19, 20, 21*
Rehearsals Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday 7-9:30 pm beginning March 28th

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4 Market Street, Canton Town Hall Auditorium
Collinsville, CT

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Set in 1965, Black Comedy sees a struggling artist about to meet both his fiancée’s father and a major art investor on the same evening. In an attempt to impress, the artist has borrowed a room full of antique furniture from his vacationing neighbor. As preparations are made for the evening, the apartment building loses power. Much more is revealed about the artist than he ever wanted brought to light.

The first five minutes of the play take place on a dark stage. When the lights go out, the balance of the play is played in the light, with actors appearing to struggle in the dark. Much mistaken identity, groping, near misses and stunts ensue.

Strong physical comedy is required!!!

For the audition:

  • You will be asked to read from the script
  • Perform some physical comedy of your own creation.
  • Some characters will be asked to fall out of chairs, crawl, or run into walls or doors.
  • All actors will be asked to appear as if they are groping in the dark.

The Characters:

Brindsley Miller (M): (20’s-40’s) Our protagonist. A young sculptor, intelligent, but nervous and uncertain of himself.This man has kept every facet of his life in the dark from everyone around him. Brindsley is a very physical comedic role that will include falling, crawling, lifting, etc. and requires a British accent.

Carol Melkett (F): (Mid-Late 30’s) Brindsley’s fiancée. From the author’s description: “A young debutante; very pretty, very spoiled; very silly. Her sound is that unmistakable, terrifying deb quack.” Also requires a British accent.

Miss Furnival (F): (Late 50’s – Early 70’s) A teetotaler, prissy and refined. – who is also a spinster. You can guess what happens with her when left in a dark room full of booze and strangers. British accent and a lack of a few inhibitions required.

Colonel Melkett (M): (Late 50’s –60’s) Carol’s father is a career British military man, with all the mannerisms and behavior that entails. . Brisk, barks, yet given to sudden vocal calms which suggest a deep and alarming instability. It is not only the constant darkness that gives him his look of wide-eyed suspicion. The Colonel falls from a rocking chair onto the floor several times.

Harold Corringe (M): (Late 30’s – late 50’s) Brindley’s antique dealing neighbor. His friendship is highly conditional and possessive: sooner or later, payment for it will be asked. A specialist in emotional blackmail, he can become hysterical when slighted, or (as inevitably happens) rejected. He is older than BRINDSLEY by several years. British accent.

Schuppanzigh (M): (Early 40’s to early 70’s) Works for the London Electricity Board and is present to fix the electricity. He is mistaken for Bamberger when he arrives. He is an entirely happy man, delighted to be in England, even if it means being employed full time by the London Electricity Board. His has a German accent.

Clea (F): (20’s – 30’s) Clea is a hack artist and Brindsley’s British ex girlfriend. Or so his fiancée believes… dazzling, emotional, bright and mischievous. To create a dramatic situation out of the darkness is an irresistible challenge to her.

George Bamberger (M): (Late 50’s – Early 80’s) Bamberger is the major art investor that Brindsley hopes to impress this evening. He is German (like Schuppanzigh). He appears at the end of the farce to throw another wrench in the toolbox full of wrenches.

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All auditions are held at the theater:
Canton Town Hall Auditorium
4 Market Street,
Collinsville, CT