January 6, 2019

AUDITIONS FOR ‘BIRTHMARKED’, a new play by Ira Sakolsky– SATURDAY, JANUARY 19TH, from 12:30pm-3pm at the John Sobieski Club – 10 Woodland Road, Deep River, CT 06417

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Riverway Studio is casting for a premiere production opening March 28, 29 & 30 at the Chester Meeting House, Chester, CT. Rehearsals begin Feb. 25th. Non-union actors will receive a stipend. For union actors (AEA), there is a possibility of a Special Appearance Contract.

The play revolves around an old restaurant on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. We follow the stories of the restaurant patrons including the owner, Tillie, who relinquished her twins, Jack & Dariah, at birth. The restaurant used to be a safe house or ‘station’ on the Underground Railroad. 

Seeking a diverse cast of African-Americans, Asian, Latino and Caucasian actors for multiple roles to form an ensemble of 5 players to play multiple roles. Casting ages 30-70 years of age.


GRANDADDY PETE –a runaway slave in the 1850’s escaping the south with his 12-year old granddaughter, Lizzie. He connects with Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad. 

TILLIE –Warm, nurturing and creative. Owner of T & R’s restaurant, a neighborhood hub in the lower East Side of Manhattan. In 1962 she relinquished her children, Jack and Dariah at birth when she was 17 years old. She has not had contact with them since. 

BILLY BALLROOM – any age. Flamboyant, gay, and frequent patron of T & R’s

PUDGE– an angel sent to earth to reunite Tilly, Jack and Dariah. Owner of Pudge’s bakery, located near T & R’s.

JIM KHIM, THE FRUIT STAND GUY–Came to America with his wife to work in his brother’s Korean Fruit Stand/Deli. 


Please bring in one audition monologue, 1-2 minutes in length. A piece that has interesting language and is personally meaningful is most useful. We will meet as a group for two hours, as in a workshop setting. We will do two rounds. First round, everyone will present their pieces to the group one by one, and in the second round we will spend some time playing around with the material in different contexts. Wear clothing you can play in. We may go over our two hours or be done early, depending on how many people sign up. 

You can send photos and resumes in advance to
Sign up for auditions by contacting Ira Sakolsky at Riverway Studio: Cell: 860-614-2112, or by email:

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